Turkey ::Post #1::

Alright so I am hopefully going to Turkey and decided that I will make a whole category for it.  While there I plan to take a notebook and write down every evening what I had done for the day.  And whenever I get access online I will type some of the more interesting stuff up and post it on here to keep y’all updated.

So here are the statistics so far:

  • Departure date: August 25 2006
  • Return date: September 2 2006
  • Cost of trip (flight,hotel,tour): 279.00JD= $395.00(status on savings: depleted)

Okay so I don’t know much of what is going on but when you are going with a sister who is planning everything you really don’t have to bother knowing the details.  However, I promise I’ll talk to her in the next couple days and get more info about what we are supposed to be doing there.


5 Responses to “Turkey ::Post #1::”

  1. I hope u enjoy it

  2. Man I wish I could visit another place……my wings are still clipped.

    Have a great adventure for me will ya! If I can’t have one you’ve got to do it for me!

  3. That’s awesome! hope you have a ton of fun… it sounds really neat!

  4. its till Sep 1st.. Augest has 31 days..

  5. Fantastic work buddy, keep it up.

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