Random ::ESL:::

Many people here think that by watching a ton of American movies and shows they will know more about the American culture and will catch the accent and be able to more understand the Americans.

I have mixed feeling about the media however and its role in helping people learn English.  I think it is an excellent source of learning spoken English and understanding the different accents in the English language.  However, movies for example over propagandize the different races and statuses of the American people.  Like, in many movies the use of bad language is very prominent and therefore the people here assume that all Americans use this set of vocabulary on a daily basis.  I am shocked at how much the Arabs here use these nasty little words on a more than daily basis (its like in every other sentence they blurt out!) and they expect me to be fine with it just because I am American.

To be completely honest I never ever noticed these words while growing up in the States.  I grew around people who never used them and I watched very little TV.  So my exposure to these words was very limited.

Add to this the point I mentioned earlier about how they over propagandize the different classes in America.  The good guys are extremely good and the bad guys are extremely bad.  Or how they make it seem that all black people live in the ghettos and are affiliated with gangs. Or how most white people are of a higher standing or class in the society.  Of course, this all is true to an extent but this extent is very much crossed and out of line when portrayed on TV. 

For example, I over heard someone call someone else the N word and I was like OMG if they said that in America they would get in HUGE trouble.  Yeah it is fine for blacks to call each other the N word but it’s not acceptable when it comes from a Caucasian.  And the people here don’t get that.  This by the way is just one example out of many.

When I first moved to Jordan three years ago some girls asked me if I had a boyfriend in the States.  They just assumed that because it was always a prominent topic on TV that everyone (and literally EVERYONE) in the states had a bf/gf or were promiscuous in some manner or other.  They were actually surprised when I answered in the negative.  LOL what? they expected me to start crying over some pretty boy I had to leave behind in the States?  They believe that everyone in America is rebellious and do everything and anything they want without any consequences which is so beyond far from the truth it’s not even funny.  The media just tends to generalize way too much.

So all in all I don’t believe the media is that good in helping the Arabs familiarize themselves with the Americans and the American way of life.


5 Responses to “Random ::ESL:::”

  1. well that’s the truth for sure. That’s why so many cab drivers seemed to assume I wanted to ..do things with them, and so many guys seemed to think I’d go home with them to do who-knows-what. I was like “uhhh what? Just cos I’m western doesn’t make me promiscuous, or even interested in what you have in mind…. o_O”

    That, and the 2 black students I knew (Austin being one of them) kept running into people who assumed that they either 1) weren’t American because “there are no black people in America” or 2) weren’t American because black people in America don’t go to college.

    Boy is that frustrating.

  2. true, i agree with you totally kloude.

  3. poor Austin they gave him a really hard hard time here…and he had to stay here for a WHOLE year!

    Mo-> thanks 🙂

  4. Decemberspirit Says:

    Hmmm…Totally agree with you!It’s the same with Britain!They go there for a 10day holiday and come back saying it’s nice but people “have no limits” because they’ve seen people drinking and kissing!It’s infuriating!I was like “Huh?Do you not see the liquor store 2 doors down from the Pharmacy where I trained here?!And there’s actual footage caught on someone’s mobile featuring guys and girls doing a lot more that just kissing in the bushes in uni!”And furthermore,does it mean you’re a bad person if you drink or date?Not in my book!Oh,and regarding the American pretty boy thing-I’d certainly be crying if I left one back there!;-)

  5. yeah they all totaly worship “Friends” its not even funny… I hate that show just because of how people here think that is how Americans are and they try so hard to be like them. Total garbage…
    People need to stop copying and start being themselves…aghhh

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