Random ::Worth Your While Big Time::

Just watch it you’ll thank me later…Click HERE


8 Responses to “Random ::Worth Your While Big Time::”

  1. hahaha…yeah…that is pretty random…:P

  2. i know but when i saw it i burst out laughing and thought it was something good for anyone feeling down…

  3. lol……

    Oh, nice post below this one as well….I cannot believe you got stereotyped!!! OMG LOLZZZ111!!223!?

    And if you read my weekly rant you may find something interesting, and a mention of you and Amino at that. I won’t tell her though because she kinda of ignores me, but if you find it good please pass it on.

    I gotta stop advertising, its just I think you should read this because, well….you’ll see.

  4. I found the link to the hacker post. It can be found here


    As for mister hateful thinks he’s still a rocker, I couldn’t find it and really i don’t ever want to see it again, its sheer stupidity burns my eyes!

  5. I hate that video 😛

  6. That was… uplifting to say the least. It made me simle, and made me have the urge to go to the gym and missuse the treadmills.

  7. lol this video is really catching popularity on the internet… that’s the third time i’ve seen it in like a week!!!

  8. so funnyyyyyyyy 😀

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