Drum Roll Please ::End of Summer Semester::

Alright.  So the semester is nearly finished already.  My computer class’s lectures ended last Wednesday and I am really happy to see that class finish.  Though the teacher was really good the class just bored the hell out of me (well i guess not literally but yeah whatever).  In the beginning I paid a lot of attention to what he said and since it was in Arabic I had to focus more to understand what he was talking about.  However, in the last two weeks of classes I just got so bored and tired of trying to listen to and understand what he said.  It became a chore which I gladly gave up.  So now instead of just listening and understanding from the first I am going to have to study like crazy to do good on the final.  I have done pretty well so far with my other tests and stuff that I am not all too worried but the final still does account to 50% of the grade.

From what I know most (if not all) the class lectures ended on Thursday but because they officially end on Monday my writing professor has said that he will be giving us lectures on both Sunday and Monday even though we DID finish everything/all the material we were supposed to finish a long time ago.  My theory about him is that he is on ‘trial’ right now to see if he does keep his job.  He was teaching in Saudi before he moved back to Jordan in the beginning of the summer.  And his first semester is his ‘trial’ period or something.  But don’t take my word for it.

Anyways he finally told us on Thursday that he wasn’t going to take attendance on Sunday or Monday but he was still going to show up.  I think he secretly just doesn’t want anyone to show up.  But I am seriously thinking of at least showing up for the last day.  I already told him I wouldn’t be attending on Sunday.  We will see.  Who knows what I am going to do. 

I dragged Amino to my Writing Class on Thursday and I think it bored her to death.  She finally understood that what Roba and I have been saying so far has not been exaggerated. Not one bit because everything we had been complaining about he did all of it in this one hour Amino was sitting in on.  I won’t go into detail because at least either Amino or Roba will say something about it.

So here is my final schedule:

1. Monday August 14th 2006 –>Computer Skills 102 –> 3:15-5:15pm

2. Sunday August 20th 2006 –>Writing –> 9-11am

And then I am done!!!!! Then its Turkey here I come!

However, the odd thing is I am actually looking forward to the beginning of Fall semester.  Why?  Well because I am registered for some really cool classes and the fact that I am going to be with Amino for 5 hours our of the 6 I will be at the university.


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