Drum Roll Please ::Someone Almost Gets Killed::

So what do you say to tell the tale behind this picture?  I think it tells the story quiet well.  Too bad I was not able to take the picture right after it happened because then I would have been able to catch how close that steel beam had come to hitting and most likely either killing or severely injuring the woman who had just exited the building.  The sliding glass doors had just opened and she had just stepped outside, she paused and right behind her the beam just collapsed.  It fell a split second after she had moved out of its way.  WOW


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Someone Almost Gets Killed::”

  1. Where was this?Uni?Seems a tad too clean!;-)

  2. How do you say it? SubhanAllah?

    Well either way, lucky girl. 😉

  3. Nadia-yes its at the new language center in the uni…where all the foreigners go to learn arabic.

    Erin-yup you got it right ‘SubhanAllah’ is correct…you aren’t forgetting your arabic at all girl!

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