Drum Roll Please ::Realization & Just Great! Among Other Things::

          This whole semester I would go to my computer skills class not understanding how come so many students are retaking this same easy class over and over two and even three times but still failing it every time.  I just realized it on my last day of class (Wed. 9th 2006) what it is that is making them fail this course and inevitably making them graduate up to two years late.  The class is taught in Arabic.  Well that’s all good because those specific fourth year students don’t know much English.  But that’s where the whole problem begins.  If the class is taught in Arabic why the hell are they giving the examinations out in English?????

            How can someone expect people to understand one specific subject in two different languages when they are only taught it in one of the two languages?  The questions wouldn’t make any sense to the students because they don’t know any or have little knowledge of the English language.  Also, because they were taught the material mainly in Arabic they know it in Arabic but not in English.  I believe if the students who are failing the class (which is the majority) had been given the same questions in Arabic they would most likely be getting, if not full marks, really good grades.  If they were taught in English from the beginning they would be more able to answer the questions in English and vice versa with the Arabic. 

Most of the questions on the Computer skills exams are very trickily worded and even me, a native speaker and a very good student when it comes to English, sometimes I have had to reread the questions up to three times to fully understand what is asked of me.  Am I the only one who has noticed this?  Is the university so stupid as to overlook this major point?

On another note…

Well thanks a lot to the university and all the stress it’s been putting on me lately (I’ll write a post about the horror amino and I had to go through this last Thursday later) for now I am sick with some kind of head cold or something.  I just feel terrible, my head hurts and my nose is all stuffy and my throat hurts among other things.  ARGH all I want to do is curl up in a ball and go to sleep but that won’t happen at all anytime soon because of all my ‘responsibilities’.  Have I ever mentioned before that I hate responsibilities?  Well I love being independent and I love working but sometimes it’s such a strain especially when you have to deal with the stupid university.


Among other things…

Amino is leaving tomorrow to go to Egypt for a week.  This means that I most likely will not be seeing her until I get back from Turkey on the first of September!  OMG I don’t know how we (at least I) will be able to survive…*fingers crossed*…


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Realization & Just Great! Among Other Things::”

  1. :: sniff sniff :: we’ll survive. So the exam is in english? Whoaaa!

  2. Maybe they want to keep you on your toes?

    Oh, I’mmmm back! New Scythe’s Edge, tee hee! 🙂

  3. Calm down, they’re arabs

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