Random ::Case of the Missing Sandwich-SOLVED::

Okay so one morning at eight o’clock in the morning before university I made myself some lunch.  First time in ages that I actually fix myself something to eat instead of just buying it while out.  I put my sandwich in a Ziploc and left the house.  While in the car I was rearranging some things in my backpack when I realized the sandwich was not with me.  I double checked all the pockets and sure enough the sandwich was no where to be seen. 

            I messaged my sister on my cell and asked her to find it and put it away.  I told her it should be in the kitchen on the counter.  Well she messaged me back saying that there was no sandwich anywhere to be seen.  I sent a reply telling her to check my room (though I was sure I didn’t take the sandwich there) and to check near the computer for I had checked my emails before leaving.  She never replied so I figured she had found it.


            I get home later in the evening and ask my sister if she found the sandwich.  She answered in the negative.  I wasn’t worried about it but it just seemed very odd that it just disappeared into thin air.  No one in the house had seen it and no one admitted to eating it.  And since we are a pretty truthful family I believed them.

            For a bit I thought maybe the cats had stolen it (we have to big ones Yasmeen and Thor and two kittens who remain unnamed as of yet).  But they would have left some evidence of the sandwich around some where.

            It was just really odd that no one saw or knew where the sandwich went.  The next day I got back home in the evening from a really long day and mom comes to me with my sandwich.  She had found it in the laundry room.  The Ziploc was all in tatters and all that was left of the sandwich was the bread.  The mayo, cheese, and salami were all gone.  So I was right.  The cats had attacked it.  One of them must have stolen it while I went to check my emails and so when I went back to the kitchen to get my water and backpack I didn’t see it so I didn’t think about it.

            Man cats are so smart but also very sneaky!


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