Book Review ::The Bonesetter’s Daughter::

Title: The Bonesetter’s Daughter

Series:  None

Author: Amy Tan

Pages: 416

Cost: $7.99

My Rating: C+

Date Published: 2002

Comment: This is the second book I read by Amy Tan and I must say that I am very impressed.  I was easily sucked into it and the four hundred plus pages all evaporated before I even realized that I only had a page left before I would be done.  I am much impressed by the way Amy Tan throws you into the life of the Chinese immigrants and their new lives in the USA and how the second and third generation are coping with the culture clashes of the world they live in and the culture of their parents.  The ending to me was a bit weak.  As if Amy Tan suddenly got tired of the story and quickly thought up of a happy ending and scribbled it down before moving on to another story.  However, though the ending was weak I really enjoyed this book.  It was a breeze.


2 Responses to “Book Review ::The Bonesetter’s Daughter::”

  1. I am going to write a full set of my stories and poems so I can make a book of them that at the most will be 50 pages long. (hopefully) I think I am going to write “The Beast That Cried I At The Heart Of The World” which should only be one post long. (as opposed to the 13 part “Anthropologist Surprise”) If you haven’t read “Eragon” yet, I recommend it and the second part of the “Inheritance” trilogy. I like it better than “Harry Potter”!

    We’ve kinda lost touch, hope you get through skewl, I just hate the double rr’s I have to learn in Spanish….I either do A.Demonic Voice, B. Dragon hiss, or C. Dragon Growl. RRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  2. I loved this book too!Didn’t you think the way her auntie turned out to be her mother and the way her mouth got burnt was heart wrenching?I’ve read “the hundred secret senses” by her too and that’s good too.

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