Book Review ::Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell::

Title: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell 

Series:  None

Author: Susanna Clarke

Pages: 1006

Cost: $9.99

My Rating: B

Date Published: 2005

Comment: I bought this book two months ago exactly and started reading it the night I bought it but it took me exactly two months and a week to actually finish it.  Its not because it was bad or not interesting it was because it was soooooo deep.  There was so much going on and with all the description it was like the LotRs in its style of writing but a completely different storyline.  This book is just amazing in its depth and it must been a pain to write and actually complete.  I must admit there was a part towards the end where I lost interest.  It was just being dragged out too long.  But I stuck it through and the ending was worth it.  Towards the end it got really really good though.  A must read for anyone who likes to read stuff like Dickens but also loves stuff with magic and parallel worlds.


3 Responses to “Book Review ::Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell::”

  1. Since you mention LOTR….try the silmarillion, a huge collection of the history of the LOTR universe including its creation by I-something or other and his angels type dudes ruling, and pretty much every thing ever about that universe ever.

  2. I got that short story up if you care to take a peak. I will even read one of yours I havent read yet of your choice if you read mine!

  3. My roomate has this book…will have to ask her to borrow it

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