Drum Roll Please ::Postponed Final::

So I find out on Thursday (yesterday) that this Sunday is going to be a holiday.  Well this Sunday I have my last final (Writing Class) and it turns out to be the last day of the Summer semester as well.  Also, Monday was supposed to be the National holiday and not Sunday.  So why did they switch it on us?  Well as one of the professors in the university said its something similar to the British’s ‘Bank Holidays’.  It was more convinent for the people to have a three day weekend then to have Friday and Saturday off and then work on Sunday and then have Monday off.

But if the nation already knew this then why did they not say from the beginning that we were going to have Sunday off?  Why do they have to change it at the last minute? 

I went to the university yesterday to figure out when I was going to be taking my final.  Turns out every test given on Sunday was to be given instead on Monday.  This ruins my whole work schedule.  Honestly, I don’t know how I was ever able to live through the past three years.  And I don’t know how I’m going to live through how ever long I am going to be staying here…


One Response to “Drum Roll Please ::Postponed Final::”

  1. Yeah, it’s silly.. i know!

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