Turkey ::Goodbye Cruel World…For a Week at Least!::

So I wrote a lot for this post and then I press the ‘Save and Continue Editing’ button and what does it do? It just erases everything I just wrote…grrrr.

I’ll try and resay everything but it kind of has lost its essence.  Oh well here goes nothing…

So I’m leaving tomorrow at 9:30 to the airport.  Can’t wait.  It just seems too close all of a sudden.  Now that my sister got married (last Monday) her husband is coming along and that should be SUPER fun.  I am so going to bug the hell out of them.  They’ll be glad to board the airplane back to America when I’m through with them…lol.

I’m excited but it would have been more exciting if a certain tragedy hadn’t befallen a good friend of mine.  But since I promised K that I will have fun and not worry I am going to try my best to keep my word (and I assure you its going to be hard) but I might just be able to pull it off for the week I’m gone at least.

I’m not really packed yet…I know what I want to take but it won’t even come near to filling up the duffle bag I’m taking.  I’m going to have to figure that out soon.  Can’t have my breakable stuff get broken just because the bag is half empty.  And for sure the people in the plane won’t take care of the stuff at all.  They’ll just throw the bags wherever there is space in the cargo area of the plane.

I won’t be coming on much this week so don’t expect any new posts but after the first of August I should be back with a vengence.  Shoot me if I don’t get something up by at least the third!

So I guess I’m leaving you all now…don’t forget me and disappear!

p.s. a special thanks to Omernos for telling me which places I MUST go to and visit…


4 Responses to “Turkey ::Goodbye Cruel World…For a Week at Least!::”

  1. that is so beyond awesome… have a ton of fun! oh, and enjoy bugging your sister, lol 😉
    hugs, headpats, and all that jazz!

  2. ahhhh, have fun!!! in turkey and with fatimah and her husband…it’s fun hanging out with older sisters and their boyfriends/husbands…*eyes erin and thor and grins* Anyway, hugs! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Turkey. 😛

  3. K,You are so like me!I love teasing newlyweds and lover boys and girls!Can’t help it,honestly.Have a loada fun (though you’re coming back tomorrow hehe)and gimme a flippin’ phone call when you get back!Now F has a husband she can bleed him dry!;-)So no excuses regarding no money in the phone!

  4. you’re late where are you ????????????

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