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Random :: Who Me, A Bully?::

Posted in My University Life on Saturday, September 30, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Amino and I both get easily bored in our classes and usually find ourselves paying little to no attention to the professors.  So we really didn’t know what was going to hit us after our novel class this last Thursday.  The professor pulled us both aside and told us she did not want us to sit next to each other in class anymore!  She said we talked too much but I swear we barely say anything to one another.  Yes we do talk before class begins and after it ends, but we rarely say anything to one another during class.  Instead we gaze out the window and daydream or sometimes I at least would try to listen to what the professor was saying.  Also, we mainly communicate our thoughts and opinions through writing them on our notebooks as notes to one another.


But that was not all.


The professor then pretty much knocked the breath out of us by telling us that she has gotten complaints from the students that sit around us saying that Amino and I are bullies and that we rudely make fun of their comments and opinions.  Now that is a huge WOW.


First of all, we are not in preschool to go and tattle tale about the other students when we feel a wrong has been done to us. (I can just imagine it, ‘Pwofessow, Amino and Kloude awe bewing bewlies!  Make thewm stwop!’)  Ok, ok, I must admit that we did kind of make fun of some of the students’ comments last spring (semester) because we were so bored and because the two students we (quietly) made fun of were just restating everything the professor had already said.

But that is beside the point.  This semester we have not had the energy to even care about what the students say in class.  We have yet to comment about their opinions.  Maybe they thought on the off hand chance when we were mumbling to each other about some obscure thing the professor said, just maybe they thought we were making fun of them.


I am just in complete awe at the audacity of the students in Jordan these days.  They have no backbone.  They could have come up and talked to us to our face and then we would have been able to clarify the point that we did no such thing.  No they had to go and complain to the professor.  Seriously, you would think they were in preschool and not in university.


And as Amino noted we are the youngest ones in class-the irony!

Random ::Mucho Pina Colada::

Posted in RandomVille on Saturday, September 30, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I love Pina Colada…

Book Review ::Eragon::

Posted in Book Reviews on Thursday, September 28, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Title: Eragon

Series:  Inheritance Trilogy Book 1

Author: Christopher Paolini 

Pages: 499

Cost: $9.99

My Rating: B

Date Published: N/A

Comment: I really really enjoyed reading this novel.  I’ve been trying really hard to get my hands on this book so I think because it was so difficult to find it I had higher expectations for it.  However, I did enjoy every single letter in this book and found myself wondering constantly how on earth a 15 year old could write so well! I wonder how well they’ll make the movie which is set to be released in December of this year.  I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be worth watching.  Now I am going to call up my friend to ask her to borrow ‘Eldest’ the second book in the series.

Drum Roll Please ::Update::

Posted in My University Life on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Well the second week of school is almost over and there have been so many things going on.  I just can’t believe how big of a mess the university made with our (amino and me) schedule.  I had to drop three classes because of the mess and run around trying to add three other ones.  It was a huge hassle which prevented me from attending many of my classes because I just had no clue what class I was signed up in.

At least now my schedule is set and the ‘Sahb and Idafa’ (add and withdrawl) period is finally over.

My new schedule:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday:

9-10:Islamic Culture

10-11: Break

11-12: Shakespeare

12-1: Novel (1)

1-2:  Study Skills

2-3: Advanced Writing

Monday and Wednesday:

11-12:30: Classical and Ancient Literature

For the three new classes I missed the whole first week of lectures because I didn’t know my final schedule until the last day of the week which was also the last day of Sahb and Idafa.  The interesting thing is for all three of my classes (Shakespeare, Novel, and Classical and Ancient Lit) the material we are covering are things I have already read and taken in High School.  For Shakespeare we are reading the plays Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream (both of which I have already read), and Othello.  For Novel we are covering Pride and Prejudice (read ages ago) and other novels but I haven’t gotten the syllabus to know what they are yet.  And for Classical the first book to be taught is the Odyssey (also read ages ago).

This means I should have a pretty easy semester because I am already familiar with the material to be covered. 

Study skills is a pain.  Its that simple.  I have taken study skills twice in high school and am so not looking forward to it in Uni.  However, I really like the teacher so it might not be that bad. 

Islamic Culture and Advanced writing are okay.  I had wanted to take Islamic Culture with a specific professor whom everyone praises but was unable because I am taking another class in the time its offered.  However, the professor that currently gives this class to me is alright.

Though I do seem to be getting a pretty easy semester I sure as hell hope it goes by super super fast…

Note ::Ramadan::

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Ramadan


Posted in NOTE on Thursday, September 21, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Sorry about that.  My internet was down for the past couple of days.  Just wanted to let y’all know.

Random ::Suspicion::

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Me: I met this German girl today.  She seems nice.

Person: What’s she doing here?

Me: Studying for one semester.  In order to graduate she has to take a semester abroad.

Person: Whats she majoring in?

Me: I’m not sure but she’s minoring in Islamic Studies.

Person: Why’s she minoring in Islamic Studies? (gets all suspicious)




What is wrong with people?  Why can’t they just take things at face value anymore?  Why do they have to keep on questioning things when it doesn’t matter?  Why do they get all suspicious on the smallest things?  What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?  Why can’t people give others excuses anymore?  Why can’t people just expect others to have good intentions until proven otherwise instead of the other way around? Why does everyone think they are better than everyone else? Why is there so much lack of trust in this world?  Why are we running to our own ruin?