Random ::Gunman in Amman::

So my mom puts the TV on to euronews about an hour ago to check and see if they would mention Steve Irwin’s death but instead we get shocking news.  A gunman shot and killed one British tourist and wounded five other tourists and one Jordanian today at around 12:30pm in downtown Amman.  Its unbelievable.  Why did he do this?  What was his point? Was it a terrorist act or…

Well here are some interesting posts from other bloggers giving their opinion (I will refrain at the moment from giving mine for I just found out):

Amino ‘Terrorism in Jordan, Yet again…’

Roba ‘Safe World’

To know more about the ‘facts’ click here


3 Responses to “Random ::Gunman in Amman::”

  1. I-hate-this…

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