An Example of Idiocracy ::Jordanians, Conformity, and Fashion::

The moment anyone steps foot in
Jordan they are assailed by a very very odd sight.  The people around them are not individuals but more like a mass.  Why?  Well for one all of them dress the same.  Almost every single person, born and raised in
Jordan, conforms with their mainstream definition of fashion.  I don’t see a problem with this as long as the people interpret the fashion in their own way and produce something that is fashionable but unique at the same time.


That’s the problem here.  You can never tell the personality and character of a person by the way they dress here because they all dress similarly. Seriously, I am not over exaggerating.  Every season there is one or two kinds of outfit that everyone wears.  Last semester every girl had the knit little jacket that tied in front and only reached (if that) right under the chest.  This semester everyone is wearing skin fitting hip length shirts with frilly gathering at the bottom and skin tight jeans.  With men on the other hand, when I first came here the trend was for skin tight jeans and short waist length t-shirts.  Thankfully, the style is slowly changing to a little looser type of jeans.  Seriously I was beginning to think that men had developed hips in


It’s just so odd here.  How can people not express themselves in their choice of dress?  Or are they?  Is it that all the people here in
Jordan have no individual personality at all that blindly following the ‘fashion’ reflect this point?


I refuse to believe it.  Though they do blindly follow the fashion there must be something in them that makes them unique.  It’s just being suppressed by some fault in their upbringing.


People, I have realized, don’t like to stand out here.  The only people that do are the foreigners and the Arabs that were either born and raised outside or lived for some time outside of


When I first came to
Jordan this site completely shocked me.  I was raised in
California where you were expected to dress in your own style and if you followed the fashion you were expected to make it unique in some way.  After three years I have gotten accustomed to being one of the few who actually stands out and doesn’t conform.  But coming back from my one week holiday in
Turkey I am again assailed by this oddness. 


Turkey was such a relief.  It was as if I was back at home.  Almost everyone dressed in their own way and none of them painstakingly matched every last item of clothing and accessories they had on.  It is just so very sad to see that people here have no sense of ‘self’ and ‘individuality’ and its grating on my nerves.


Once university starts I’ll make sure to take my camera with me and let you guys see what I mean…so stay tuned!



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