An Example of Idiocracy ::Plagiarism in the Ministry of Toursim::

Well well well look what we have here.  The Ministry of Tourism in Jordan has plagiarized and stolen one of our fellow blogger’s (Roba) pictures.  This picture is of a dinner the blogger had in Syria.  The extremely funny thing is that this picture was placed in the yellow-pages under ‘The Art of Traditional Jordanian Cooking’ when the picture is of food eaten in SYRIA and not Jordan.

The thing that gets me so mad is the point that most Arabs blame their downfall in civilization on the West.  In my opinion, the Arabs have only themselves to blame for the state they are in today. 

For example, it is plain logic and common sense to throw your garbage in the garbage can instead on the floor next to it.  It is, also, common sense to refrain from plagiarizing no matter how tempting it is.  If it was a normal person on the street I would somewhat understand it.  They do not teach the children here to not plagiarize.  They actually encourage it.  And I have experienced this. 

Once when I was in school for a semester here, the girls in my class were given an assignment.  They were to write about a famous author.  The teacher actually gave them the book to read on the life of the author and told them to copy their essay from the book.

But when the government is doing it?  That’s pushing it.

I remember seeing a couple of years ago on the morning news in America about how a girl cheated on one of her English exam exams when she was in high school fourty some years ago.  And to this day she has regretted and thought about it over and over to the point that she even sent an apology letter to the school she had gone to.  Now this may seem a bit much but people here will lie, steal, and cheat without thinking twice.  Yes, I know people like this can be found everywhere but to this extent and magnitude? 

What is it that makes the people here not thing logically?  What is it that makes them numb to cleanliness, consideration, and morality?  You find a person preaching about honor for instance and then a moment later see this person throwing their trash on the floor (have they ever thought about it as making their country their garbage bin?) or copying other peoples work or lying about merchandise and cheating their customers.

This is so frustrating.


4 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::Plagiarism in the Ministry of Toursim::”

  1. Plagiarism is so frustrating,
    but in UK they’re being far too obsessed about it!

    they bugged us with warnings not to plagairise and stuff, I mean, extremism is never good! LOL


  2. God I hate plagiarism, remember to mark your copyright work. for example (html code):

    © Copyright 2006 the owner of this blog

  3. Ok.. for the copy sign, enter : “&”copy;”
    Remove the quotes and thats it..

  4. Ah, I thought you had disappeared from my reader list/I read yours in return thingy! I was just thinking of posting something about all my old friends who have left.

    Anyways, what do you expect? It’s much easier to blame others than to blame yourself, a lesson many American and Arabs (Dunno what to call the peoples of the Mid East) need to learn. Since it is encouraged in both places it will continue from gen to gen until everybody decides it’s ok to be dishonorable as long as you succeed. Ah well, my newest poem is in the refinment process and you get a special exerpt…..

    “The bombs are bursting in the air, and no one cares.”

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