Random ::Writing::

After reading Roba’s post ‘Skip’ which discusses the way she reads books I realized that that is how I write.  When I read her post I thought it interesting that she reads in a completely different way than is the norm which is from front cover to back cover. 

I just picked up my notebook which contains my latest work, a novel (Dark Desire) which I started writing last summer and am currently almost half way finished with.  I flipped through the pages.  The first 14 chapters and prologue are all in the right order but then I have chapter 16 then 15 then 17 then a rewrite of chapter 13 then chapter 19, then 18, then an added new chapter 8 and butchering of chapter ten and seven and then the beginning of chapter 20, But I suspect that I’m going to skip chapter 20 and write chapter 21st and 22nd first.  That’s the order in which the writing in my novel follows.


            I realized after reading Roba’s post that I had in the beginning of writing this novel had forced myself to write the chapters in order and that was why it’s taken me so long to write what I have already written.  But for the past couple months I’ve been taking it easy and therefore the creative juices have been flowing in whatever order they want.  This has made it much easier for me to write.  And though the notebook might seem very confusing to anyone who would flip through it what with the chaos of the order of the chapters and all my notes around the pages, to me it makes perfect sense. 


4 Responses to “Random ::Writing::”

  1. You ever see the circle thingy (no idea what it’s called, but I keep finding it in Stephen King novels) that can mean order from chaos or chaos from order? Perhaps out of the chaos of your mind you can establish order in your novel. I definately have a chaotic mind and I have to keep my thinking toned down and sort through it lest I go insane. (well, more than I already am 🙂 ) I’m too lazy to start my novel, but I keep going to sleep thinking about it and every so often a great aspect of it will change. It may look extremely different than the original idea if I ever get to writin it.

  2. So, in a word, the way you write is sort of like Kill Bill. It’s not shown in order, but it will still make sense. And in the end, you can go back and re-arrange the chapters so they are sequential. They only difference is you’re not a hot chick with a sword. (Probably.)

  3. Yeah… I do that occasionally… like with moonchild. I have the ending all finished (though I’m scared that it may get me killed)… and the new story with Kaniesa.

  4. I can completely relate! I prefer to write the bits that seem ‘interesting’ to me (the reader might think differently, as going through Critters has taught me), then fill in the rest after. It gives me a sense of freedom as I try to organise the chaos. With the second book in my trilogy, however, I’m not so concrete-sure of the emotional arcs of the characters, so I’m having to write it in order. I find doing it that way is robbing of it of the fun and I’ve been writing much more slowly for it.

    I did read ‘Skip’, though, and think it’s a very weird way to read a book! Lately I’ve peeked ahead on a couple of books, and it just ruins it for me! But, each to their own.

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