Book Review ::The Lost World::

Title: The Lost World & Other Stories 

Series:  None

Author: Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

Pages: N/A

Cost: $3.89

My Rating: B

Date Published: N/A

Comment: I must admit that the last time I read this story was over three years ago so I don’t remember it very well.  What I do remember is that it was something completely different from what I was used to by this author (I’m a Sherlock Holmes junkie) and this ‘difference’ was not something negative.  Nor was it positive either.  There were some parts in the story that were boring (as I recall) but as a whole I really enjoyed it.  A must read for anyone who loves this author’s other works (namely Sherlock Holmes).  It’s a pleasant change from the usual author’s writing (though he does not let his quality lessen one iota).  There is another short story in this compilation called ‘The Disintegration Machine’ which I just read yesterday.  It was very very good and had a very interesting ending! 


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