Drum Roll Please ::Fall Semester::

A whole year has gone by and now I am officially a second year student (by the end of this coming semester I will have enough credit hours to be counted as a third year student. YAY).  Classes begin this coming Sunday and will not end until sometime in January.

Today I had my add/drop appointment with a computer lab at 4:40 and was able to finalize my schedual.  I have signed up for 18 credi hours or six classes.  They are:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday:

9-10 American Literature till 1865

10-11 17th Century English Literature

11-12 Shakespeare

12-1 Break

1-2 Study Skills (don’t ask hmpf)

2-3 Advanced Writing

Mondays and Wednesdays:

11-12:30 Islamic Culture (in English)

I was hoping to fit all my classes into three days and then have mondays and wednesdays off but both my sister and my really good friend are taking Islamic Culture this semester (plus I heard the professor giving the class is awesome) so I decided one class on those days won’t hurt since it should be really fun with my sis and friend!

The grades for summer courses aren’t up yet but I found out mine and I must say I am thrilled with them.

I honestly can’t wait for school to start (though I do hate the university) but having all my friends around me and being able to DO something is much better than sitting around the house and doing nothing (yup I’m a busy body).  Im sure if you ask me in a week I will be denying that I ever said the above.  *shrugs* Who knows?


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Fall Semester::”

  1. just for testing
    nice meeting you 😀

  2. I miss my univ 😦

    Good Luck in the coming semester , enjoy it; it comes only once 🙂

  3. OMG
    A BUSY BODY!!! since when???????????
    Like honestly I had no idea… And i have lived with you your whole life except the last couple of weeks.
    I guess me leaving the house made you come out of your shell :))
    I know you are going to kill me but really I thought you were a lazy bum!!!

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