Turkey ::The Whole Shabang!::



I’m only going to write down the most important things that occurred during my eight day trip to Istanbul, Turkey.  To see all of my pictures CLICK HERE or HERE.



Friday 25th

  • Arrived in Istanbul at around 9:15 pm in an airport an hour and a half’s drive away from our hotel in
  • We got to the hotel at around 11:30.  After dropping off our bags and figuring out our room arrangements we went out for about an hour and explored the area.
  • Room 104: Aya and Zaynab.  Room 105: Me.  Room 106: Noor, Feryal, and Rawan.  Room 206: Rasem, Izzat, and Mu’ath.  Room 304: Fatimah and Shareef.  Room 305: Professor Omar and Sawsan.
  • We ran into a very oddly looking area full of restraints and bars.  The sitting areas were all outdoors.  Most of the people there were drunk and almost all the women had baby dolls with them.  It was weird.  Our theory was that those women were prostitutes and the dolls indicated it.
  • The hotel was much worse than we expected.  It really was not that good at all.  Something you saw on T.V. but not in reality.  For God’s sake! It’s supposed to be a three star hotel.  It was horrendous.  At least I had a working AC in my room to get rid of the musty smell the room contained from lack of circulation.  That’s all I’m going to say about it. (but we got used to it).

Saturday 26th

  • Took a ferry over the Bosphorus Canal to BukAta (sp?) which is also known as Prince’s Island(s?).  It’s a kind of Abdoun/Beverly Hills of Tukey.  Everything there is like five times its original price because all the people who live on this island are filthy rich.  It was awesome.
  • After that we took a ferry back to the European side of Turkey and got dropped of at the very very expensive Istiklal Street.  Now Istiklal street is a very long pedestrian only street flanked by brand name high class small shops.
  • While at Istiklal street a ‘female’ flashed a taxi driver who she got in a fight with over something.  he was getting out of the taxi and the lady was making her way to the his side of the taxi as her friend and her friend’s cute little dog got out of the front seat.  The moment the taxi driver got out the lady pushed him back by the shoulders with her hands and as he stumbled to gain his balance she flashed him.  The police arrived promptly and quickly cleared up the mess.  Now Shareef believes that this lady is transsexual and that she was fuming mad because the taxi driver wouldn’t take her and her friend to wherever they were going.  About that I don’t know.  So I’ll just leave it to you all to reach your own conclusions.
  • We visited a mosque and a church on this street.  They were both awesome and beautiful.  I have no clue what the mosque’s name was but the church’s name is The Church of Saint Anthony (Sent Antuan Kilisesi).  Photography in the church was prohibited so I was unable to take any pictures of the grand inside of the church.  However I did get a few pictures of the mosque and a picture of me and Fatimah completely exhausted and sweaty.
  • While walking down Istiklal street I felt right at home.  Though rarely anyone was covering in the Islamic dress everyone on this street had their own style of dress.  Even though most people obviously followed certain fashion trends (i.e. preppy, goth, punk…etc) they each and everyone of them interpreted the trend in their own way.  This produced a very lovely array of differences where you would have an idea of the person’s character and personality.  Everyone stood out but no one took notice of the other people around them.  I painfully stand out in
    Jordan because I have my own style and my own way of interpreting that style (to the point where I have to sew all my clothes because what I wear is not available here) and so I comfortably fit in with all the other misfits and ‘different’ people on this street.
  • We took the public bus to the hotel.  It was my first bus ride in over three years.  And I must say I wouldn’t mind commuting in those buses.  And it also strengthens my resolve of never setting foot in a public bus in

Sunday 27th

  • Took another boat ride on the Bosphorus Canal though this time on a tourist ship and not a ferry.  They gave us a tour of the important sites around the Bosphuros and we took many pictures.  I also saw seagulls for the first time in three years and dolphins!
  • After that the tour bus took us to a park called Bride’s Peak.  We found out that it is traditional that on the day of the wedding of newlyweds the bride and groom go around all the important sites of their city.  And therefore its tradition for the brides to go to this park which was conveniently named Bride’s Peak.  It was very green and nice.
  • Our tour ended around five o’clock, when they dropped us off back at the hotel.  We went out again walking this time.  We wanted to check out the area.  We walked to where the grand bazaar was to take place the next day and checked it out.  Then we walked all the way to Hagia Sofia and sat down in a nearby park until around midnight.
  • Noor got a cute butterfly black henna tattoo.

Monday 28th

  • We went to the Grand Bazaar and shopped most of the day for gifts and stuff.  Mainly we wandered the maze of small shops and tried to figure out where we were in the huge maze.
  • In the afternoon there was a thunderstorm.  It rained in torrents for about an hour.  That was awesome but we all got soaked because we got caught in the middle of it.  I got terrible bleeding blisters because my boots are made out of leather and they stretched from the rain and my feet rubbed against the high back of them.  The bruise bled and was excruciatingly painful for the rest of the week.
  • A tree got hit by lightning during the storm a few feet away from where we were supposed to regroup.
  • The storm did not stop us from staying out.  Even though it was very wet outside we went to the park and hung out there with Hagia Sofia towering over us.

Tuesday 29th

  • We went to Hagia Sofia from ten till around three.
  • Then walked to an enclosed park that used to be for some pasha but is now a public park.  When we reached the end of it we sat down in an outdoor café and looked out over some cool crumbling fort and onto theBosphorus
  • Bought some sneakers because my feet were terribly in pain but that was a mistake for instead of getting better I developed new blisters!
  • Got black henna tattoo on my hand of a dragon and the eye of some Pharaoh.

Wednesday 30th

  • We went to Topkapi from ten till around three.  It’s a beautiful huge palace of some pashas and contains the largest diamond and a ton of awesome other stuff, jewels, swords, clothing, etc.  It was too bad they wouldn’t let us take photos of them but my sister took some whenever the security weren’t looking.
  • Then we went to Olivium outlet center and shopped till we dropped!

Thursday 31st

  • I staid behind at the hotel because I could no longer walk.  But the everyone went to the Suleiymania Mosque.

Friday 1st

  • Some of the group went to the Blue Mosque for the morning prayer at around 5am.
  • Made last minute stops at the Grand Bazaar and some other shops for last minute gift shopping.
  • Checked out of the hotel at 12
  • Got picked up at 3 by tour bus and were driven two and half hours through bad traffic to the airport.  Reached the airport and checked in our luggage by six.
  • The plane was supposed to depart at 9:45 but we didn’t leave until 11:20.

Saturday 2nd

  • Arrived in Amman at around 2 am and got home by 3:30

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3 Responses to “Turkey ::The Whole Shabang!::”

  1. Yes!! Very true..
    But is was so much fun….
    YOu wanna do it again???

  2. yeah i would love to…but this time to iran!

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