Random ::FBI::

Well Amino‘s posted about somethign similar to this a while back and we never cease to be amazed at what people would wear these days.  The funniest so far was a girl with a scarf and evidently Muslim wearing a shirt with the Playboy bunny on it.  But today I found another extremely interesting shirt.

It was white, worn by a guy and had in big huge black letters ‘FBI’ on it.  Then under that in smaller letters is the elaboration of what ‘FBI’ means.  To this guy it evidently means ‘Female Body Inspector’.  Eeeeek.

Other very common shirt quotes are ‘My boyfriend is out of town for the weekend’, ‘Mixed nuts’, ‘PornStar’, ‘WANTED a serious overnight relationship’, ‘Jump me’, and the list goes ever on…


3 Responses to “Random ::FBI::”

  1. I HATE those t-shirts! I’m a massive fan of t-shirts with cool sayings, but lately I’ve hardly bought any because they all have suggestive things written all over them. I’m not a prude, but I sooo don’t want to walk around wearing things like that!

  2. Well, hate to crush your spirits, but those shirts are all over the place here too 😦 THERE’S NO ESCAPING THEM!!!!!!!

  3. I know they are widespread…i wouldn’t have been able to find that shirt pic on google if it wasn’t everywhere. Its just sad. Why can’t they wear shirts that have cool sayings on them instead? *shrugs* i guess its too intelectual and thats like taboo these days.

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