Random ::Suspicion::




Me: I met this German girl today.  She seems nice.

Person: What’s she doing here?

Me: Studying for one semester.  In order to graduate she has to take a semester abroad.

Person: Whats she majoring in?

Me: I’m not sure but she’s minoring in Islamic Studies.

Person: Why’s she minoring in Islamic Studies? (gets all suspicious)




What is wrong with people?  Why can’t they just take things at face value anymore?  Why do they have to keep on questioning things when it doesn’t matter?  Why do they get all suspicious on the smallest things?  What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?  Why can’t people give others excuses anymore?  Why can’t people just expect others to have good intentions until proven otherwise instead of the other way around? Why does everyone think they are better than everyone else? Why is there so much lack of trust in this world?  Why are we running to our own ruin?


6 Responses to “Random ::Suspicion::”

  1. I completely agree. I ask myself these questions practically everytime I watch the news.

  2. Thank the Mass Media Machine for a lot of it. A lot of people “trust” (even if they don’t say or think that they do) or are at least biased by the media, and the Mass Media gives a pretty warped, negative view of just about everything. IMHO.
    And I agree completely with you… I think people are so focused on the negative side of things, we forget about the good side.

  3. Ummmm, speaking for myself I question everything and go deeper than face value because a face is usually a mask when it comes to humans and what lies underneath happens to be the real face. However, I never make judgement til I examine it for myself, assumptions and bias are evil because when they are wrong it has terrible results.

    You can’t blame me, eh? I am a philosopher after all and all we do is ask questions. Like the great Socrates call me “gadfly”.

  4. Oh, and Eragon is a kickass book!!!!! Wait till you get to the next one!

  5. Oh, one more thing. (sorry for the number of comments) I’ve gotta email ya about a post I wanna put up. Could you either comment on my blog or email me at the kimberly address or both? Just so I know where to email and you’ll be expecting it.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty only works in America. But everywhere, people are free to be as suspicious, untrustworthy, and as gluttonous as they want.

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