Random ::When will this ever end?::

A young Missouri mother got her throat slashed and stabbed by some dudette who then kidnapped the the young mother’s week old baby two days ago. 

Police said the one-week-old baby was taken from her mother’s home two days ago by a woman who had come to the door, asking to use the phone.

Abby’s mother, 21-year-old Stephanie Ochsenbine, told police the stranger pulled a gun on her before stabbing her in the neck and arm. When Ochsenbine regained consciousness, Abby and her attacker were gone.*

I am completely and totally in shock but somehow not very much surprised.  Sick people these days are becoming common and numerous.  I just can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore.



One Response to “Random ::When will this ever end?::”

  1. They say some women who lose children will actually go into a psychosis where they feel they must find a child, and they do things normal (moral) women wouldn’t do to get these children. They suspect that the woman who stole the baby might have recently lost a child, causing her to go crazy enough to do something so drastic. Either way – regardless of whether or not she was crazy from a deeply wounding personal tragedy – it’s quite sad.

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