Drum Roll Please ::Update::

Well the second week of school is almost over and there have been so many things going on.  I just can’t believe how big of a mess the university made with our (amino and me) schedule.  I had to drop three classes because of the mess and run around trying to add three other ones.  It was a huge hassle which prevented me from attending many of my classes because I just had no clue what class I was signed up in.

At least now my schedule is set and the ‘Sahb and Idafa’ (add and withdrawl) period is finally over.

My new schedule:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday:

9-10:Islamic Culture

10-11: Break

11-12: Shakespeare

12-1: Novel (1)

1-2:  Study Skills

2-3: Advanced Writing

Monday and Wednesday:

11-12:30: Classical and Ancient Literature

For the three new classes I missed the whole first week of lectures because I didn’t know my final schedule until the last day of the week which was also the last day of Sahb and Idafa.  The interesting thing is for all three of my classes (Shakespeare, Novel, and Classical and Ancient Lit) the material we are covering are things I have already read and taken in High School.  For Shakespeare we are reading the plays Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream (both of which I have already read), and Othello.  For Novel we are covering Pride and Prejudice (read ages ago) and other novels but I haven’t gotten the syllabus to know what they are yet.  And for Classical the first book to be taught is the Odyssey (also read ages ago).

This means I should have a pretty easy semester because I am already familiar with the material to be covered. 

Study skills is a pain.  Its that simple.  I have taken study skills twice in high school and am so not looking forward to it in Uni.  However, I really like the teacher so it might not be that bad. 

Islamic Culture and Advanced writing are okay.  I had wanted to take Islamic Culture with a specific professor whom everyone praises but was unable because I am taking another class in the time its offered.  However, the professor that currently gives this class to me is alright.

Though I do seem to be getting a pretty easy semester I sure as hell hope it goes by super super fast…


2 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Update::”

  1. Wow that sounds way more hectic than what you told me, hope it goes by fast too. I know they have screwed up my schedule once and it really messed up my classes.

  2. Aww, good luck catching up. Enjoy all that reading!

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