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An Example of Idiocracy ::Only in Jordan::

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy on Saturday, October 28, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Yesterday, I went with Amino to the mall to watch a movie (The Devil Wears Parada).  The movie was nice and we tried out a new restaurant that my sister suggested (Macaronies) but we were not too impressed. The pizza was okay but it was more like thin thin bread with cheese on it. However, the ceaser salad was good.  I’m a sucker when it comes to ceaser salads. The movie was really good.  Something I didn’t really expect.  Amino had watched it before but from how much she liked it she wanted to watch it again.

Anyway, after we were done with all that good stuff we got some ice cream and went outside fifteen minutes early to wait for Amino’s dad.  It was sprinkling on and off and the wind was pretty cold (just the way I like it).  So while we are waiting out comes a bunch of people and among them is this middle aged lady wearing black calf boots, shiny pantyhose (which showed at least five inches and were very see through), a skirt that barely covered her knees, an excruciatingly tight spandex-y burgundy shirt, but to top it all of she had a scarf on (covering all of her hair and neck)! Now that is something you’ll only find in the Middle East (I for one have never seen it before outside of the Middle East).

And that just proves my theory that the scarf no longer represents who and what they are (as Muslims) but it has become an accessory of sorts just like their shoes, jewelery, and purses. 

I so wish I had the camera with me.  When she was walking to the car she kind of pulled her skirt down to no avail.  It was so funny seeing that.


Random ::Weather::

Posted in RandomVille on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 by dragonsvamp

It’s about time the weather is beginning to change.  Yesterday night there was a ton of thunder and lightning.  My sister said it rained as well but I was indoors so I didn’t realize that.  But the lightening and the thunder was beyond awesome.  I just sat on my sister’s bed and looked out the window for at least half an hour.  Amazing.  Today my sister’s husband invited us out for lunch and on our way back (about half an hour ago) it rained pretty hard for five minutes and then stopped.  The sky is just beautiful.  I just wish it would rain for hours on end but that doesn’t happen much hereabouts.  So I guess I just have to settle for whatever I can get.  At least the weather is finally changing from hot and muggy to cool and a bit cloudy with the sun peeking from behind the clouds. I hope within the next few weeks the weather does turn super cold because its time that fall/winter begins to settle in…*fingers crossed*.

Random ::Operation Destruction Earth::

Posted in RandomVille on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Well well well seems like we are not going to have any more natural resourses available within as little as 40 years from now.  But since when does anyone care?  Seems as though we care for nothing but the here and now and we like to believe that the future will take care of itself.  Well it seems the future is about to be apon us.  The future is here.

Eptome of the Male Gender Take 2

Posted in My University Life on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by dragonsvamp

Well here is a very intersting (if disgusting) video of how this game works…

Random ::Blown Away::

Posted in Blog News, RandomVille on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I am just completely blown away by this tidbit of info

Eid Once Again

Posted in NOTE, RandomVille on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by dragonsvamp

…and it’s becoming progressively worse.  Every year it’s less fun and more tedious from the year before.  At least we get four school days off for it…bright side people bright side!


Posted in Blog News on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I have been added to contribute to this cool and interesting blog.  My contributions might be few and far between but I’ll be posting stuff on there and I will keep track of all the posts on there as well…