An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Ramadan::

Well the holy month has come and it’s already almost gone and I have yet to post anything major about it.  I must say I am completely shocked at how the people deal with Ramadan here.

To them it’s all about the food. Period.

Which to me is a very very sad thing because the fasting aspect of Ramadan is only a minor part of it.  The people here forget that fasting is not only abstaining from food for there are also five other things that break someone’s fast. Telling a lie, slandering, backbiting, giving a false promises you know you aren’t going to keep, and being greedy all break one’s fast.

Now that I’m over with the first part of my whining on to the second.  What is up with the no eating allowed in public during Ramadan?  I know it is out of respect but also we should respect those that are not Muslim or do not fast.  Why can’t they have a few restaurants open so that people who don’t fast can eat there?  I know many people who don’t fast and have to spend their whole day at the university.  How are they expected to respect us when they are not being respected?  Why can’t one of the university cafeterias stay open?  At least one.

But no if you get caught eating or smoking in public it could mean three days in jail.  Well I wonder why the hell many people hate Islam here (though it isn’t Islam its the stupid people).


One Response to “An Example of Idiocracy in Jordan ::Ramadan::”

  1. Whoa. that’s insane. Somehow I think jailing people for breaking their fast would be kind of … un-Ramadan-ish. 😦

    Well I hope your Ramadan’s going well aside from all that craziness! 🙂 Eat some dates for me – they’re not as good out here as they are there. 😦


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