Random ::How to know if you are in Jordan::


  • You have to look both ways before crossing a one-way street
  • Every car in the road has an arm hanging out of the window
  • Every sign in English has a spelling mistake.
  • Everyone you meet complains.
  • All the chicks you meet can’t think straight.
  • All the chicks you meet look alike and dress alike.
  • Everyone’s grandfather was the first in the country to buy a Mercedes.
  • Everyone’s dad was the first in their class
  • 99.6% of the people you meet have applied for a green card
  • Everyone stares at you for no specific reason
  • Everyone thinks road signs are only there for decorative purposes. The same goes for signal lights

So anyone have any to add? Im sure there are a ton more…


3 Responses to “Random ::How to know if you are in Jordan::”

  1. –> In a high class area, Abdoun or Swefiah, you have to wait 20 mins. in the car or school bus for a flock of sheep or goats to cross the street.
    –> There is no such thing as personal space. None whatsoever. You WILL see the tounsils (or lack of) of the person you’re talking to.
    –> Guys wear tighter pants than girls. Enough said.
    –> People hate America with a passion. But hey, if you have the passport… don’t you think their son is amazingly handsome and worth marrying?!
    –> Watching salesmen flirt (or uni guards for that matter) is like watching Jackass – painful, funny, and a story to rant about.

  2. hahahah nice, I Like.

  3. come on moey i know you got a ton to add to this…hit us with’em!

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