Drum Roll Please ::Autopilot::

It seems that the realization that my major is not the right one for me is actually taking its toll on my study habits this semester.  I just no longer care.  I sit in class everyday listening about all the possible meanings behind a certain author’s work and can’t help but get bored and ask myself, ‘What’s the point?’


            I no longer care about dissecting other author’s work.  I want to focus on my own writing.  So this whole semester is driving me nuts.  I can’t seem to focus and I don’t necessarily care to anymore.  The problem is half of my classes this semester have to do with dissecting literary works. And the fact that I have some really good professors teaching me this semester isn’t helping any.  It no longer encourages me to work harder and do my best as it once did. 

Maybe my laziness is also a result of having already read the material we are going over in my classes and I am just bored because there is nothing new going on.  Another reason I no longer care could be because of how chaotic and I must say interesting my life has become.

            But whatever the reason, I no longer have the stamina or the desire to care about my classes.  Therefore, I am just going to switch to autopilot (that is if I haven’t already) and attend my classes and do the bare minimum that will result in good grades (which shouldn’t be that hard to get since half the class are like at a preschooler’s mind level).


3 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Autopilot::”

  1. Dun-Dun-DUNNNNN!!!!!!

  2. Ok, is your brain wired into mine? Because that post is almost identical to one I wrote, then decided not to put up.

    I sympathise with you, I really do. Let us know how you get out of it 😀

  3. I think it’s stupid chopping up stories. It is the ultimate way of ruining a good book. i always wanted to read War of the Worlds by HG Wells until I had to do about a trillion questions on it for schoolwork. It totally murdered it. The image the author wanted us to see is the one we should pay attention to, not secret ones hidden away. Call me shallow. 😀

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