Poems ::#3::

So here is a poem I wrote today while being bored at the university watching some dudes messing around with kc’s cape…

I’m falling

Drowning in my own tears

Darkness surrounds me

Has been surrounding me

For as long as I can remember

Sitting in a cold room

A dank, cold, metallic room

Locked in my mind

I shout, get me out!

Out of this self made prison

Help me!

Yet no one listens closely

And though I scream on the inside

I smile on the outside

And no one’s the wiser

Can’t you see?

I’m banging on the walls

The walls of my cold room

Scratching the smooth grey surface

Trying to claw my way out

Why will no one hear my shouts?

I cry out, ‘please!’

But to them I just smile and act accordingly

This self made hell

Was once a sanctuary

I used to run to it

Welcoming its coolness

Its dankness

Run away from reality to my sanctuary

Now it’s my grave

And I don’t know how to get out

Someone please help me!

I’m falling

Drowning in my own tears

Locked in the metal room

The square box in my mind

I scream till my voice went hoarse

I scream till I could scream no more

I no longer expect salvation

I no longer think I want it

I am the one who created my prison

So I’m on my own to break free

I don’t know why I had to call out

There is no point to rely on others

Before I can rely on myself

I’m no longer screaming

I’m no longer crying

I need to get out of here by myself

I don’t need anyone

But someone did come

And helped me get back onto my feet

Just when I no longer tried

Salvation came

He helped me find the door

Helped me remember

How to feel that other than despair

How to see that other than darkness

And though I finally had been willing

To find the way out myself

I needed him to guide me

Lest I fall back into my prison

A cold grey prison

One that I had fashioned for myself

I am no longer screaming

I am no longer falling

I am no longer drowning

And though I cry, tears coursing down my face

It’s no longer the cry of the desperate


3 Responses to “Poems ::#3::”

  1. well, you know that I like it already. 😉 it’s good to see you getting half a moment to write!

  2. I like the intro, Kinda long poem.. bas I love it 🙂 nice feelings Kloude

  3. you say it like it is don’t you!!! Yeah lets get up and do something about it.. I support you in your planns girl!

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