Eptome of the Male Gender

I had no clue what to categorize this under…you’ll understand once the pictures have loaded…

a bit of background:

This is some game the guys at university decided to play since they were all very bored…personally: no comment

1st step of the game 

 2nd step

 time to stack them up...

the best jumper of them all... 

...and so they try and see how many they can stack be4 they collapse

if the male gender amounts to this it’s like more than eek…


6 Responses to “Eptome of the Male Gender”

  1. I was actually rendered mentally speechless by those pictures. I still can’t think of anything coherent to say, so this will have to do:


  2. Bleargh bleargh yuk yuk yuk…Is not very dissimilar to an orgy in my opinion.Sigh.Men.

  3. Haha, that was…FUN ;D, dont judge it until you live the experience fellas lol…it’s called “Mja7she” which means in english “Hustling”… I recommend you to try it guyz!!! warning: pussies, you’s better stay away!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  4. THis is beyond HYstErical!! and kind of Gay!!…

  5. I just saw this on your youtube thing before coming to your blog. Coincidence or what? I am personally not a fan of homosexual pile-ups, but sooner or later the guy on the bottom is going to lose his balance…

  6. thats the thing those guys aren’t homos! I know for a fact that 90% of them aren’t.

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