Random ::Weather::

It’s about time the weather is beginning to change.  Yesterday night there was a ton of thunder and lightning.  My sister said it rained as well but I was indoors so I didn’t realize that.  But the lightening and the thunder was beyond awesome.  I just sat on my sister’s bed and looked out the window for at least half an hour.  Amazing.  Today my sister’s husband invited us out for lunch and on our way back (about half an hour ago) it rained pretty hard for five minutes and then stopped.  The sky is just beautiful.  I just wish it would rain for hours on end but that doesn’t happen much hereabouts.  So I guess I just have to settle for whatever I can get.  At least the weather is finally changing from hot and muggy to cool and a bit cloudy with the sun peeking from behind the clouds. I hope within the next few weeks the weather does turn super cold because its time that fall/winter begins to settle in…*fingers crossed*.


3 Responses to “Random ::Weather::”

  1. sounds gorgeous. O_O still hitting the high 80s out here, but it feels autumn-y at night? hehe

  2. if only we were not in Jordan.. it would be even more enjoyable!

  3. Oh man until the last few years it was always rainy here, i love overcast days with a light rain and sometimes a good and destructive thunderstorm is awesome. (my eyes are sensitive to light so its hard to look up at the sky on clear days, thats why overcast is my fav!)

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