An Example of Idiocracy ::Only in Jordan::

Yesterday, I went with Amino to the mall to watch a movie (The Devil Wears Parada).  The movie was nice and we tried out a new restaurant that my sister suggested (Macaronies) but we were not too impressed. The pizza was okay but it was more like thin thin bread with cheese on it. However, the ceaser salad was good.  I’m a sucker when it comes to ceaser salads. The movie was really good.  Something I didn’t really expect.  Amino had watched it before but from how much she liked it she wanted to watch it again.

Anyway, after we were done with all that good stuff we got some ice cream and went outside fifteen minutes early to wait for Amino’s dad.  It was sprinkling on and off and the wind was pretty cold (just the way I like it).  So while we are waiting out comes a bunch of people and among them is this middle aged lady wearing black calf boots, shiny pantyhose (which showed at least five inches and were very see through), a skirt that barely covered her knees, an excruciatingly tight spandex-y burgundy shirt, but to top it all of she had a scarf on (covering all of her hair and neck)! Now that is something you’ll only find in the Middle East (I for one have never seen it before outside of the Middle East).

And that just proves my theory that the scarf no longer represents who and what they are (as Muslims) but it has become an accessory of sorts just like their shoes, jewelery, and purses. 

I so wish I had the camera with me.  When she was walking to the car she kind of pulled her skirt down to no avail.  It was so funny seeing that.


7 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::Only in Jordan::”

  1. I totally agree with you. I’ve seen something similar in Dubai, there was this woman who was wearing a T-Shirt and a scarf and a skirt, in the middle of the summer!

  2. that’s what a lot of women said when I was interviewing them: that they knew the Qur’an said they had to cover, but that they did it sometimes or they did it because it’s a fun fashion accessory.

  3. May I say…. 7asheeeeeeeeeeeesh!
    This is the junk that we really associate with everything that is not!

  4. betrayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal 😦
    I hate you both now

  5. I guess every country has it’s idiots. But we are human beings. At least it is better tobe an idiot in the way I dress than to be an idiot in the way I treat other people.

  6. I wonder how much money Jordan has made from his shoe line? Probably in the billions!

  7. do you people have lives!
    I mean real lives, jobs, or something important to do in your lives other than looking at other people and making comments about them.
    What makes you so special and different than others.
    You think you’re more sophisticated!?
    Or is it that you maybe have more money and traveled outside of your countries and have seen MORE SOPHISTICATED people of your own kind.
    I would suggest that you READ more books rather than spending time watching stupid movies (am being sophisticated now) movies and writing your own dumb reviews of some F………G salad.
    You people are (what you think of those you do not like) and even worse.
    OH and please leave the middle F..N east alone you bastards, find some other thing to do in your pathetic lives…. you idiots, coz you are the idiots.

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