Work ::Hypocrisy::

Work has begun as of Sunday the 29th of October.  It was interesting and very busy.  Not a dull moment at work yet.  I won’t go into detail just yet but I did want to talk about two very singular yet connected incidents that happened during my first two days at work.  (A little side note: the Office Manager is currently training me to be one of the administrators and will be doing so for the first two weeks after that I’m going to be on my own).  On my first day while the OM was trying to explain some things that were on the computer she noticed my rings on my fingers and was like, ‘You know its prohibited in Islam to wear a ring on your right index finger?’


Now I’m sure by this time my readers will have known how much I can’t stand the Arab culture and here is a perfect example of it.  And the thing I hate most is when the people try to pass off ‘culture’ as religion.  Now there is NOT ONE THING in Islam that even suggests prohibiting wearing a ring on your index finger.  This is completely 100% culture.  But since most people don’t want to listen and just want to give their little two cents I just decided not to go into a huge discussion about it and shrugged it off.



The next day, the OM had her break while I was there.  I had to go ask her something while she was in the cafeteria and was pleasantly surprised (note major sarcasm) to see a huge fluffy white ugly cloud of smoke surrounding her.  Yup, she’s a smoker.  And the funny thing was I had kind of expected it though she doesn’t smell like smoke I just had a feeling that she was one.  And I must say that it is a very well known agreed upon fact that smoking is prohibited in Islam.



So there you go.  Hypocrisy 101.


9 Responses to “Work ::Hypocrisy::”

  1. hehe…seriously..your life is pretty interesting 😉

    This is retarded, I mean besides her hypocrisy, where in hell did she get the ring and index finger notion from? I don’t even think it’s culture! People, like her, tend to be joyous when they *think* they are giving out advice. You don’t need to say it twice!

  2. No this thing is well known in Jordan.. I heard it 13 years ago when i was here and i hear it now all the time.. by half anked “Mulim” girls too… now they also forget that it is very clear that they have to cover in the Quran.. but there they go ranting and ravign about our rings and what finger we choose to put them on.. honestly they are real loosers..

  3. Well just keep in mind her smoking is going to be far worse on her than your ring, unless of course it is cutting off your circulation lol.

  4. This is weird, I lived in Jordan 6 years and never heard that! I guess you get to learn somethings when your abroad 🙂 But seriously, it would’ve been really nice if you just told her ‘mm, smoking is you know kind of prohibited in Islam’ with a peevish look of course ;P

  5. As a matter of fact you cant tell whether its prohibited or not!, but there’s something ive convinced myself with which is that people shouldnt have the guts to preach each other before doing so with themselves..try to get the gest of it,knahmean…buncha of stuiped creatures or as cloud says U.T.O’s lol !

  6. you dumb losers

  7. seems you have evolved to better humans

  8. who and what gives you the right to judge other people

  9. i wasn’t judging her. i just felt that these two occurrences were very ironic to happen right after one another. and the only reason i had suspected was because i worked closely with her and she reeked of smoke. I actually enjoyed working with her very much. the only thing i was point out here as i said was the irony of the situation.

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