I had my first driving lesson yesternight.  My mom had taken me and my two sisters to my dad’s house so that we could get a few things we had left behind.  It was around ten when we finally got home and dropped off my sisters.  My mom just suggested that I try my hand at driving so I jumped at the chance.  I found it pretty easy actually.  Of course I forgot more than once to shift gears and I would forget to look before I turned and stuff but other than that I did pretty well.  At least that’s what my mom said.  And she should know she taught both my older sisters.  And she said I did the best out of all three of us.

The car didn’t jerkily stop on me or anything and I was able to start it and stuff without killing it as my sisters did so many times.  I honestly thought driving would be much harder than it actually was.  So far I have gotten up to third gear.  Not much but good enough for a fifteen minute drive.  I got to drive around the neighborhood and though I had to squeeze through tight spots I not once came close to hitting anything.

Now I’m so making Hasad on myself…oh well I just can’t help boasting once in a while…


2 Responses to “Driving”

  1. Wow, seems like you did quite well!
    I remember when I started driving my niece told my sister that we should use the other car, coz “this one is a bit broken”.
    After that I had proper driving lessons, which finally got me my license 😛
    Good luck with it though – I’m sure you’ll do just great 😉

  2. Hahaha, you and I are both learning to drive at the same time! No joke, I just got my permit almost a month ago and have been driving around with my room mate, Cat. 🙂

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