Rain, Exams, Ice Cream, Punctuation, and More Driving

I woke up this morning planning on going out with my jeans that are five inches too long but found out that over the night it had rained like nuts (define nuts? well in Jordan nuts is a steady drizzle) and it hadn’t stopped yet.  And since Jordan is such a dusty country all that dust had only one thing to transform into: the grossest mud you’d ever laid eyes on.  So I had to change my plans and instead dressed more warmly and more water weary.  The weather was just awesome.  All grey and cloudy and cold.  *shivers* Now that is what I call my type of weather.

I had two exams (a midterm and a quiz) today to which I had studied zippo for.  The night before (well morning if you want to be specific since it was 2am) I had quickly written the essay that was due.  How could all three classes (out of six) chose the same day to demand all that out of us? But like a good student I didn’t complain unlike all the students who raised hell when they found out that our Shakespeare midterm is on Tuesday from 5-6pm.  They were going nuts saying it was too late and everything.  I had had enough.  Four semesters of this complaining was way too much for me to handle.  So I raised my hand and when the professor nodded to me I went off on them.  I told them with anger dripping from my voice that they were no longer school children to sit and complain to the teacher to change the time.  I also told the teacher that the students shouldn’t even be allowed to have any say in when the exams are going to be on because you just can’t, no matter how hard you try, please everyone.  And we are over forty students.

I could see and feel the hatered seeping out of the students as they stared at me.  I had just had enough and wasn’t going to stay quiet about what I thought of them any longer.  It’s like okay if they have another exam on the same day they always know about them at least a week ahead of time therefore they should be able to plan out their time so that they can study for both exams.  If its about the exam being late (yes some people are still stuck in the dark ages when late meant when the sun sets…psh) then once in a while doesn’t hurt.  But seriously, they are complaining about, ‘What am I gonna do from when my classes finish at noon till five?’  Study duh!

So I totally gave it to them.  Telling them off made me feel so much better.  It felt so good taking out all my frustration on them.  And though they, positively, hate me more than they already had, I seriously don’t give a damn.  After that no one said anything. I think they were just way too shocked.  They so didn’t see that coming now did they?  The professor, when i was done, just nodded his head and said something like, ‘Thank you Kloude and we’ll let that close the discussion on this topic.’  But he did do a good job at relieving the tension I had created by poking fun at the test time by somehow incorporating it into the life of Hamlet.  How he was able to do that so well I have no idea but it sure worked though I’m positive the students still can’t stand my guts.

Right after that I had my first midterm for my Novel class.  It was on Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice.  I was able to squeeze in about an hours worth of studying for this exam.  I had a break before our classes started and was able to go over Amino’s notes and highlights real quick.  I joked around the whole time about how I was so going to flunk all my classes because I’m not studying for them while Amino would get top grades because she sits hours and hours laboring over every last detail.  Though I didn’t study for the test I not for a moment felt nervous about it. That’s just how I am.

After the exam, I had a quiz in Study Skills and since I would probebly never be able to finish complaining about this class I won’t even start.  It was beyond easy and I finished early.  Since we finished early we got some ice cream.  Man you should have seen the stares KC and I got. Everyone was shivering their butts off and KC and I were out in the freezing weather eating ice cream. Now that was beyond fun.

However, I didn’t get more than a few minutes to enjoy my ice cream and the stares because my last class of the day began about five minutes after I had gotten my hands on the ice cream.  Advanced Writing.  Seriously, its more like elementary writing.  I was ready to fall asleep and seriously regretting not slacking because all the professor talked about was the editing of an essay and punctuation and the like.  It was a total falling action of the day.  The good thing is I was able to turn in my essay on time and therefore would not have any points marked off my paper because I had turned it in late (which would have been the case if I had slacked).

After that it was hanging out with my friends for an hour or so and then off to work which was same ole same ole but very busy so the time went by super fast.  Mother forgot to pick me up at nine so I had to remind her and wait almost half an hour outside in the lovely cold weather until she got to me.  But at least I got a second chance to drive.  Mom felt so bad because she had totally forgotten about me so she let me drive.

I did much worse than the first time because the shoes I wore today were really thick soled boots and so I had no clue how hard or light I was pushing at the gas and so the car died on me a few times and was all jerky the rest.  Mom decided that I can never wear those shoes again if I want to keep on driving. 

Man today was one interesting day…and those have been occurring more and more frequently.  Seriously, I’m beginning to believe that having such an interesting life could be just as much a curse as it is a gift.


7 Responses to “Rain, Exams, Ice Cream, Punctuation, and More Driving”

  1. i have the same study habits, my friend studies so hard and yet im only just below his grades.

  2. “The weather was just awesome. All grey and cloudy and cold. ”

    OHHHHHHHH! You so have the same taste of weather as I do 🙂 But It’s not beautiful here as it is in Jordan!

  3. Why did you delete my comment?

  4. nevermind 🙂

  5. Hmmmm, GO FOR IT GIRL……TELL ‘EM LIKE IT IS. Enjoyed the bit about the ice cream and especially when you told the class off for behaving like 6 yr olds. For Gods sake this is a “university”. But you gotta work on the driving….you know, my life is at stake here!!!

  6. To Kloude’s Mom,
    I find the fact that you commented on this post very nice and interesting, wish more parents would be cool like you, on the other hand you seem to have missed out on a very important part of the post,your daughter was thinking about slacked, you should be a good parent and punish her for it, so that she’ll never go down that road again, and can you just make a comment about what the punishment was, coz I LOVE it when someone exept me get in trouble (I know this was a LONG comment)

  7. […] Sidenote: I drove home today and it went great this time…much much better than last time. […]

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