Training Over

Tonight is my last night as a receptionist in training.  I can’t believe two weeks have already passed since I started working here.  I actually was surprised when the OM (office Manager) was talking to the boss in front of me about how my training was over and I was pretty much on my own (oh no they are going to unleash me into the shark infested waters all by myself!).  I made a double take (not about me finishing my training) and asked, ‘Two weeks have already passed? Didn’t I start work last Saturday?’

Turns out I started the Saturday before last.  But I must say I am pretty confident that I am ready to be fully on my own.  I am now going to be the only receptionist behind the desk and the one in charge here! (in my dreams since the boss is sitting in her office down the hall).

All in all, I am happy to say that I have officially finished my training and am now a full blown receptionist at the American ESL Center!


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