A couple days ago the new teacher (the one who got the job instead of me) came in to discuss the classes she is to teach with the boss here.  They were talking in front of me and I was surprised to find that the new teacher was not really that good in English.  Yes she could speak it and stuff well but she had a really heavy accent and I am sure made some minor mistakes while talking.  I just can’t believe this lady actually got the job instead of me while I work as a receptionist.  I do enjoy having a desk job but I had much prefer teaching since I would get paid much better. 

I am positive my age has played a major roll in this.  It doesn’t mean that just because I’m eighteen I can’t teach well.  I mean my English is excellent and I have found that I am pretty good at explaining things.  I know for a fact that I would do better than the new teacher is doing at the moment.

I just don’t understand why I didn’t get the job.  The boss is American and she should know from experience that age has nothing to do with how well someone can teach.  Yes I know I don’t have a degree but I am a native speaker and I have the right accent and skills and I do have some experience.

Oh well, I’m not going to bother speculating anymore.  I just wish she had given me a chance. 


3 Responses to “Indignation”

  1. I can relate to this. Starbucks Sweifya didn’t employ me for the silliest reason ever. Retards.

  2. […] Well I might have been wrong about the lady.  I was talking to one of the students in whose class she ‘test taught’ (with the head teacher observing) and I asked him how the teacher was and he had nothing but praise for her.  Maybe she was just having a bad day when she came and was talking to the boss because I can swear her English wasn’t that good.  I guess it’s no wonder I wasn’t hired… […]

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