Writing Slump

I absolutely despise university.  It has officially killed all my creativity.  I don’t understand why or what exactly it is that is stopping the creative juices from flowing but I’m sure it must be the university.  That is an indisputable fact.  My novel is suffering terribly and I don’t know what to do.  I guess I just have to toughen it out and wait until I quit university by the end of this semester.

 Yes, I am leaving the university.  Not for good but for the next year.  I need to work on earning money so that I can go back to the states by summer 07.  I sure hope my writing will get back on track soon.  I really miss it.


2 Responses to “Writing Slump”

  1. omg Khuloud, if you came back to the states I would personally drive across the country to come see you wherever you were! Same goes for Fatimah. Are you going to be living in Minnesota or something? Where do you think you’re going to go? Eeek tell me your plans!! Email me!!! SOMETHING!!! I miss you so much 😦

  2. aaaww.. kloude!!!!

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