No Soccer

I have decided today that soccer is one sport I hate.  I hate watching it and I hate playing it.  Today my mom’s friends and their kids went to the Hussien park to play soccer.  I went along (have been wheezeling my way out of all the previous meetings they have had) because one of the friends has been begging me to come along.  So today I had ran out of all my excuses and decided I’d go just this one time.

And I forgot how much I hated the park…any park in Jordan.  I don’t like them one bit.  And I’m never going to go to another one if I can help it.  I don’t know why but I just don’t like the parks here.   They don’t let you sit on the grass if there is any grass.  It’s always dirty and no one is respectful with anything.

It was kind of lame (the game I mean).  Not enough people showed up since it was last minute.  There was no food (and I had been woken up five minutes before they wanted to leave so I didn’t get to eat anything before going).  And there were too many kids running around.

I just can’t stand soccer.  I’d play volleyball any day but soccer is just so stupid in my opinion.  So from now on I’m so not going to ever play soccer again (even though I didn’t play soccer today it was more than enough having to sit and watch them).

At least I got to drive to the park today.  First time driving during the daytime…


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