New Look

As I have said in previous posts, that I would keep on changing my theme to ones that better represent me until I find the ultimate ‘dragonsvamp theme’.  Until then you’ll have to bear with me as I keep changing my theme as new themes that better suit my mood come onto the market*.  This one so far represents dragonsvamp the best.  I really like it but for some reason it doesn’t shout out my name…maybe I need to find a more original custom header that is uniquely my own.  I am not sure but for now this is the new layout for my blog.

Any input would be greatly appreiciated.  Let me know what you all think so far…

*(theme subject to change without any notice so don’t sue me if it confuses you)  


3 Responses to “New Look”

  1. very interesting is all.. definiely is a kick for those who know what this is a picture of…!
    i like it so much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like it, though I usually don’t like black-based designs (I find that they are not legible). I like the header image a lot too. Nice!

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