Stupid Weather, Jordan 1st, and Related Crap

I absolutly can’t stand the winters in Jordan (and the Summers and every season for that matter).  It’s just way too cold.  And not any kind of cold its the total bone chilling cold.  Where no matter how hard you try to get warm once the cold has hit your bones your a goner.  I just don’t see how people can stand this kind of weather.  It’s not the nice cold weather that could be found everywhere else.  The houses are made so wrong that its freezing as a tomb inside when the sun is shinning outside (though it is cold oustide as well it’s not as cold as indoors).  What happened to insulation?  I think it never got introduced to people’s vocabulary here.

Last winter was the best we ever had here because we lived in one of the best built buildings in Amman (my opinion).  It was never cold in our apartment but of course my parents had to get divorced and of course my dad wasn’t willing to let us stay in the apartment since it was his.  So we had to move out (all of us who decided to stay with our mother…which is just about all of us).  So right now I’m writing this with freezing fingers (because no matter how high you put the heaters or how many layers of clothing you wear, once the cold has gotten to your bones there is no way you are going to be able to get rid of it).

Why can’t people here be a little more civilized and care about stuff like this; simple things that come naturally to other people like insulation, safety, and caring for ones well being?  The people here could do so much if they only tried.  But they are lazy self concieted selfish people (well most of them are including the ones who can make a difference).  I just don’t understand how the people here can be so brainwashed and believe that their country is ‘numbre une’ (or is it ‘un’?). 

It’s sickening how patriotic people are here when they recieve nothing for their loyalty.  Absolutly nothing.  They are so quick to defend what a great country and nation they are but how can they not see the truth?  How can they not see that their country is a garbage pit because they made it that way?  How can they be so patriotic when more than half the population is under the poverty line (way under) and the country isn’t doing anything to help them out.  And if they are its not enough.

I just want to scream at them.  To wake them up from their stupor but they don’t want to wake up.  Everyone here is perfectly content in their misfortunes.  Everyone is too busy trying to figure out where their next bite of bread is going to come from that they don’t have time to think of anything else.  No wonder this country is a disaster that has already erupted but no one took any heed.  Everyone here is like robots…mechanical and scheduled.

Ahh this country reeks of brainwash…


19 Responses to “Stupid Weather, Jordan 1st, and Related Crap”

  1. Might I add to the brainwashing idea. The prices of fuels, heating and others, keep going up. Seems like a great system, once or twice a year, and with that everything else goes up too. And the kicker is that no one says anything. Did someone say this was a third world country? With prices like these I would expect it to be a developed country. But hey! where can you live and the price of bread and chicken are higher than the States? Where can you live and you choose food over freezing cuz you cant afford diesel anymore. At least in the States, you can get government assistance with food, heating, and medical. Yes, Jordan is the place you can live knowing that Jordan is First (al urdan al owel). Whoops! Maybe they meant first in high prices and cost of living!! No need to worry, you aint freezing by yourself!!

  2. is it cold in Petra in March? i will be there during the first 2 weeks of March and am trying to figure out what is best to wear. how should i dress as not to offend? -thank you

  3. Jordan First is not saying that Jordan is the best country in the world. Not at all. It is just about putting your own nation ahead of any other nation, that is, putting Jordan first. Nationalism, or patriotism, is necessary in modern times because it ties people together.

  4. When is it bad weather why do people get insane???
    I have noticed , that anytime it rains, or there is a freeze, the public panics, rushes out to the stores and buy up all the
    bottled water, batteries, flash lights, firelogs, and canned food. Why is this. You would think people that have been through
    this kinda weather before would understand that it will not last more than a day or two at the most.
    Another thing I have noticed is when it rains that all the dumb people again get on the roads and cause wrecks and everything
    What is wrong with the people? I would really like to know.

  5. I tell everyone who doesn’t like Jordan …..fuck offf…and leave ’cause this countery is ours and for people like you . go live in hell it’s better for you . what did you offer to this country when to help if you have seen a lot problems…???? you’re the selfish

  6. well whoever you are thats exactly what im doing im leaving inshaAllah. i didn’t chose to come here and thats maybe one of the reasons why i hate it here.

    you can have this mucked up country all to you and your stupid people’s selves. if the people who are native to here refuse to see that their country has a problem then there is no point in trying to help this country. everyone is so freaking messed up here its not even funny. jordanians say they love jordan but then they use it as their dumpster. show some respect to your land and then maybe the people (ie forigners whose lands are taken care of and clean at least) can show you some respect. because until then we will never respect people who don’t care about their land but go about saying they ‘love’ it and bitching at the people who have a different oppinion about it.

  7. well,dragonsvamp..
    am a native Jordanian guy and proud of it but,u might have misunderstood the meaning of JORDAN 1st ,the meaning of it is that we must remove the racism of our believes,coz this country has many nationalities living in it,and they all fighting each other among stupid things,so this slogan has a meaningful content regardless the misusing it by a group of people.
    thank for your time in writing,but u should have thought through it before generalizing and saying those hurtful words.

  8. 7aywan..

  9. i can understand your point rushaidat. I wasn’t blaming the people as much as i was blaming the government for not helping the people out as much. The government has a population that is proud to be Jordanian and yet it is not helping the jordanians out as much as it could. There is so much potential in Jordan and yet the majority of the population is underpaid and the regulations are not rigorously implemented as they should (like building regulations and traffic regulations and so on). in my opinion, people are brainwashed to look up to their country and be proud of it and yet for all this patriotism the country (ie government) is doing nothing in return.

    wannan: to each his own view. This is how i feel about it. I don’t look badly upon those who think otherwise. There is brakah in our broad range of views.

    p.s. wannan I’m not a guy so you’d need to add an ‘ah’ to the end of that word. thank you for your amazing insight.

  10. ok dragonsvamp,may i ask u from where r u?

  11. I’m half jordanian (dad) and half american (mom) and was born and raised in California. I moved to jordan when i was 15 and lived there for four years. Now i’m living in Michigan on my own. my family is still in Jordan.

  12. aha,so may i know from where did u finish ur highschool?!

  13. i went to some Arabic school when i first moved to jordan but couldn’t handle the arabic so i pulled out after one semester and finished high school with a school in the states (by correspondence). then i studied for about two years in Uni of Jordan

    why all the questions?

  14. nothing just asking, actually i liked ur opinions and the way u think, butsorry if am bothering!

  15. lol no problem. don’t be sorry. just was wondering if you were trying to make a certain assumption and was asking to see if i fell within some category or something. lol.

  16. naaah,so… how can i get to know u better?

  17. ummmmm you’ll have to figure that out on your own I guess. (not meant in a rude way at all if that’s how it comes across as then i’m very sorry because i didn’t mean it rudely)

  18. no i didnt understand it that way,but i didnt get it,how can i figure it out by myself?!

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