For the longest time now I have been wondering why people can no longer live a moment without their T.V.s, radios, mp3/CD players, and the like.  I have just realized the answer.  People can no longer live with silence.

They are just too afraid of it because silence is now synonymous with ‘lonely/alone’.   If they are in a place of silence that means they are alone.  And that is something a lot of people just can not handle anymore.  Loneliness.  I’m pretty sure I hit it bull’s eye.

 That is why I can never find a taxi without the radio blaring.  I can’t walk into a store without music playing in the background, and everywhere I go people are either talking to each other (either over the phone or face to face), or have their mp3 players on.

Silence is the synonym for lonely and though everyone is alone they just can’t face the truth and therefore need noise.


6 Responses to “Silence”

  1. or you could say that marketers can’t succeed with out using subliminal messages embedded in all the noise you mentioned

    as a reply I dont think its lonliness its more about not thinking, in silence you are forced to hear your own voice which most people don’t exactly enjoy doing 🙂

  2. Hey Kloude, insightful. Silence is healing and necessary for peace.In addition to what Bambom wrote, when filled by the noise of others, not only can you not hear your own inner voice but you can’t hear God’s voice.

  3. I agree, for the most part, although I would deny that my recent need for an mp3 player is because I’m afraid of the silence/loneliness. There’s never any silence aorund here, so I use it to block out other people’s noise. 😀

    What most annoys me is the lack of silence in my local library. That should be sacred.

  4. wow
    I love the post
    silence is a killer

  5. Interesting… I’d agree, silence is pretty typically equated to loneliness. Though, coming from a big family, I tend to crave silence – it’s typically pretty loud around our house, lol.

  6. WoW.. very nice ideas.. I agree.. and aspecially with the comment about people not wanting to hear their inner voice! go get them!

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