Sleep Talking



 I found out today when I spent the night out at my friend’s house that I can actually carry out a full length conversation while I’m asleep and wake up completely and utterly none the wiser for it all.


3 Responses to “Sleep Talking”

  1. That’s a good weapon for others to use…;)

  2. haha….erin talks in her sleep sometimes, but it’s mostly incoherent…sometimes – stories from when Erin and I shared a room – I’ll wake up but be in a deep sleep cycle so I won’t wake up, and I’ve told Erin some strange things, apparently…:P Then Alex just yells…loudly. once I was in the room while he was sleeping, and it went something like “mumbslkfdlkfhsdhfJJHDKJHFJKSDSBVJBCJKZXNKJAHERJHFmummm”… glad I don’t do that in my sleep, hehe. 😀

  3. lol
    God I hope I dont do that!

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