…is what living in Jordan has taught me to use pretty well in my writing and my life.


synicism= sarcasm+ cynical

(yup I’ve created a new word)


5 Responses to “synicism”

  1. is that a new word that you would like to add to the dictionary ? The word you meant to write starts with [C ]not [S]. Now I can understand why are you so cynical!

  2. lol thanks…i was trying to find out exactly how its spelt but since i typed this post up really quick at work i didn’t have much time to look it up… and though i hate spelling mistakes so much i think i’ll leave it the way it is. thanks again though

  3. It’s a shame, really. When I read your posts I often feel sad because I’ve seen your fun, bright, random side and it rarely shines through. It’s an inner struggle, isn’t it, to be “yourself” when you can’t rememeber what “yourself” is. Since I’ve left I’ve been able to grasp a few pieces of the real me here and there, but I have yet to fully love myself. When you get the chance to leave I hope you renew yourself with ease and confidence. Maybe then you can forgive the ache and time wasted in the Jordanian lifestyle. Honestly, I don’t know if I can yet, but I have some friends who have been able to move on. I suppose that when you find the better things in life and can keep them it becomes possible. Take care of yourself babe, miss you!

  4. So the world is not as bright and fluffy as you would like it to be, boo hoo.

  5. you mean Cynical?

    KLOUDE! you gotta give me that piercy glove when I come back
    in exchange for the Krispy Kremes! hehehe

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