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The Year Ends with a Twang

Posted in Jordan Idiocracy, RandomVille, Shockers on Saturday, December 30, 2006 by dragonsvamp

A very cute little girl wearing a tiny little hijab. Crappy pic I know but I just couldn't help myself.Or so it seems.  Eid is today and boy what a day.  Lets start with yesterday night.  Saddam Hussien got executed.  That was somewhat of a surprise.  I haven’t been following the story at all so I found it surprising for them to have gotten over the trial so quickly.  I’m not against his death.  He left so much destruction behind him.  The thing that bothers me the most though is how the people reacted to it.

Now if we rewind to the past.  Saddam was exalted.  He was the saviour.  He was the hero.  And now he is the devil incarnate.  It’s very scary how people change their minds so quickly and are so passionate about this change.  Brainwashing? I leave that up to you to decide.

Ok let’s forward back to today.  I woke up like ten minutes before the prayer.  Of course I thought we were supposed to leave the house at seven in the morning but it turns out that we have to be at the mosque at that time.  So it was an issue of hurrying out the door.  It’s my fault I didn’t go to sleep until late yesterday night.

It was so cold.  The ground was covered with a thin layer of slippery ice.  Very dangerous.  Many people opted to stay at home this Eid since it was so cold and whatnot.   

So we go to the King Hussien Mosque (yup the new one that everyone is raving about…by the way it’s not that hot) and instantly I feel as though I’m en-caged.  I’ve never felt this way towards a mosque until I came to Jordan.  I sat there and suddenly the realization hit me and horror set in.  Women are so beyond walked all over here.  Yes, Islam says to exalt them.  It says to give them their rights (education, work, property, choice, etc) which are the same as those of the men.  Islam demands equity between men and women. 

But I fail to see any of that here.  Not a drop. There is no respect for women.  The people treat them like crap here as if they were just another piece of furniture.  And what makes me fume more is that the women here take it without a peep.  What happened to men and women praying in the same room? Now the women are stuck in a cramped claustrophobic inducing room in the corner (or even basement) of the mosque.  There is no air or any form of circulation. It feels more like a prison than anything else.  And the men’s sections are so huge and grand and is rarely ever even half full while in the women’s section we are literally sitting on top of each other for want of space.

I don’t get why women don’t stand up and demand their rights be given them! Their rights are there for the taking.  What is it that is making them so meek and obedient?  What is it that makes them not even think of this?  They just grumble quietly between each other but don’t take any decisive action.  I am being 100% serious here. I am so ready to go and pull my hair out and go mad. I just can’t comprehend the level of brainwashed-ness these women have been put through.

How can women be content to be the doormats?

All these thoughts crossed my mind while sitting there.  I wanted to get up and shout at the women. It breaks my heart that their religion gives them so much and yet they are content with none of it. 

I was really happy to leave the place.  I’m not claustrophobic or anything but I just had a really bad feeling in that building.  We step outside (it’s really pretty on the outside) and decided to take some family photos but almost instantly some security guards come and tell us we can’t hang around the place. 

What the hell? Since when did that happen?  I thought mosques were places for the public. I guess I’m wrong.

Well it’s only one in the afternoon so Eid isn’t over yet but that is the major occurences that have happened in the past few hours.  I might add more tonight and then again I might not.  It all depends on if I get some more shockers or not.

God I seriously need to get out of here before my (in)sanity all evaporates.  This is all driving me nuts (and not the good kind either).



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For December 25th I fell in as 28th top blog of the day! That was fast; from 97th in December 15th!

I must say I’m really proud of my blog.  I never thought it would grow so much in such little time. WOW

UPDATE: Turns out I also have one of my posts as the 44th top post on December 25th as well.

Snow and Disaster

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I come back on for just a few minutes to check out whats going on and I wish I didn’t. 

I’ll start with the good news first.  It snowed!  I am so happy about that.  I’m in utter shock.  Of course it didn’t snow too much just an inch or so but what a change it made in the whole country!  The air is crisp and clean finally. 

It rained pretty heavily on the 26th and then on the 27th it snowed and yesterday it snowed a tiny bit.  Right now its pretty freezing though the sun is shining but the clouds are still dark and everywhere.

I wanted to take a few pictures of the snow with my camera but it turned out that the batteries needed recharging so I just filched this one off Moey.  He doesn’t mind.

Some more good news.  The break has finally started. Eight whole days off of school! Finally something to be happy about.  I started it out by sleeping in til noon something I haven’t done in ages now. But that’s where the good news ends.

Eid is tomorrow.  That is one thing I’m not looking forward to for many reasons I will not delve into here.  I’m still pretty sick.  I just don’t understand why it won’t go away.  I’ve been sick for at least a week to ten days now! Ah oh well.

The major disaster though is that I just found out that Jordan Planetis shutting down! NO! not when I finally joined them and stuff.  It’s sad though I can understand why they are doing it.  I’m going to miss JP a lot. 


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Just letting you all know that I’ve decided to take a break for now from blogging for personal reasons I won’t bore you all with.  I hope to return by the end of the week.  Until then there won’t be any new posts on here.

 Happy belated Eid all and welcome 2007!

Last JP Meeting of ’06

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Seems as though not many people are interested in posting their pictures of our last JordanPlanet meeting for 2006! I was expecting to be flooded with new posts and pictures of it.  Not one yet that I know of.

Oh well, I guess I’ll be one of the first but sadly I didn’t take my camera with me so no pictures here. 

The meeting was amazing.  I really really enjoyed myself.  We had a quiz night where each table was a team.  We filled six out of eight tables with 56 bloggers (and one anti-blogger…he’s lucky to still be alive by the way). 

Of course my table comprised of the the wackiest and loudest of the bunch.  People even complained about how loud we got.  We boo-ed when the other teams got their questions right and we hooted when we got ours right.  Oddly the other teams quietly boo-ed our successes but never really had the gut to do it outright and outloud. 

Their loss I guess.

It would have been so much less fun if we were quiet and polite.  Honestly. Though half the time we couldn’t hear what the questions or answers were we sure did enjoy ourselves.  Even if it meant it had to be done at the expense of the ‘fun’ of everyone else.  I just can’t accept that kind of ‘fun’ where you sit at your table all nice and quiet.  Hell no!

And neither were my teammates able to accept that.

Though our team didn’t win (though others cheated…you know who you are!) we still had a blast.  Loosing wasn’t going to dampen our super high spirits!

I did really resent however that people were not very respectful with the rules.  When the hostess asks you by name to PLEASE stop smoking it means STOP SMOKING.  Seriously.  And it came from non other than an Arab living in the States.  I honestly expected better. And they wonder why Arabs are so in the dark ages at the moment.

Other than that I am really happy I didn’t miss this meeting!


Aha! Finally a few blogs with posts with some pictures of the meeting…

House of BETQA


Spell It Out…

Posted in My University Life on Monday, December 25, 2006 by dragonsvamp

I’ve always known that university students here need everything spoonfed to them.  Like they’d have a fit if any of the questions on the mid or final were not directly discussed in class.  A perfect example would be my Novel midterm for this semester.   The question was a simple quote straight from the novel.  However, the professor hadn’t in anyway alluded to this particular quote in any of our lectures so the student’s had a major fit.  Sad I know. 

But I never imagined that the spoonfeeding extended to the point where the student’s needed everything spelled out for them as well!  A great example can also be taken from my Novel class, the lecture this time.  We were discussing, today, the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  The professor came in and wrote on the board: 

*Huck and Jim as outcasts: they break from society

*Jockson’s Island as a paradise: safe haven, abundant food, looming danger

*The raft and its significance

Now the professor’s writing is extrememly clear. It is large and not too curly or scratchy or whatever writing that can be concidered illigable.  Yet the student’s just couldn’t seem to figure out what the word ‘haven’ was.  They were like ‘Whats ‘haren’?’

Seriously, these are supposedly going to graduate with English Literature degrees and teach the next generation English.  Are we sure we want that?

Messin around with Picture It!

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Well here are some of the results of my playing around with Picture It! while I was supposedly studying…




There is a couple more but those can be found on my Flikr page.