Shakespeare & the Horrors of Arab Readers

Ever since I read Romeo and Juliet for freshman year in high school I loved Shakespeare and always looked forward to reading more of his work.  Therefore I was pretty excited when i registered for the Shakespeare class this semester.  Add to that the professor Hani, the newly appointed Dean and my previous poetry class teacher, was going to be teaching Shakespeare.  I was thrilled. 

I had no clue, however, that this class would make me cringe whenever I hear Shakespeare’s work read.  First, I figured out (with amino’s help of course) that Hani can’t stand Shakespeare.  But that was alright because though he didn’t say that outright he was still ‘enthusiastic’ about it. 

The thing that has made me hate attending this class is the students themselves.  The professor asks the students to read aloud important large parts during the class.  Their reading completely sucks.  *shudders*  It makes my blood stop in it’s course every time a student begins reading. And if I’m shuddering I’m sure Shakespeare himself is turning in his grave going insane.  How can these students (who are most likely third and fourth years) have passed all their prerequisites to be able to attend this course?  It’s just impossible.  If they took English 99 in a college in the US they would definitely without a doubt fail no matter how much effort they put into the class.  It’s that bad.  Simply put, most Arabs should be band from reading Shakespeare.


6 Responses to “Shakespeare & the Horrors of Arab Readers”

  1. Wat? I no understand. Ibleez rebeat 😀

  2. It isn’t only about the English department. My collegues at the Engineering department don’t know the basics of Math. They just memorize past papers, and some notes of the course, and this is it, they pass, and become the worst Engineers in the world.

  3. searching the first 500 best universties in the world Report and you will never find any arab university (include jordan ofcourse) maybe just alAzhar came at 800 rank we are just at the bottom and if we save the mony and closed our universities then we send the student abroud to study that will be much better..

  4. Amjad:

    No, this ranking is not accurate. Many universities abroad aren’t decent at all. The ranking is due to the number of research and papers. It’s all about the student herself, I know people who graduated from Harvard and North Caroleina and they are nothing! trust me, it depends on the student himself. Of course other universities are better but that doesn’t mean our universities are hopeless cases!

  5. Ah, poor old Will. Butchered by people the world over, even though his work is so easy to read once you know how and have a dman big dictionary next to you….sigh….in sooth I know not why I am so sad…no, wait, I do: It’s because he gets butchered by what rogues and peasant slaves [they are].

  6. Frank Herbert rocks! Where do you think I got Fedaykin from? The elite warriors of Paul Muad’dib! Good stuff, indeed.

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