More Shakespeare, School, and Work Arama

Another yet unpredictable day has passed.  Nothing great or extremely interesting happened but it was no where near boring so I guess I might as well count myself lucky for that.  It’s so weird for me to overhear people complain about how bored they are or how bored they get.  I just sit there amazed that they can actually get the chance to be bored. I revel at whatever free time I get.  Since, it’s so little time that I get free I cherish it.  I don’t think I’ve gotten bored once in the past few months.  Sometimes, I think I would like to get bored once in a while.

Shakespeare was hilarious today and extremely tedious.  Our professor is out of the country so he appointed someone to come and show us a movie of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in the two of our lectures that he would miss. Seems as though the assistant had messed up because she showed up on Thursday with the OPERATIC version of the play.  It was horrendous.  Terrible.  I didn’t understand a word and if I didn’t then how would everyone else get what was going on? Unless of course they had paid attention in class and were good students and read the play already, which most of them haven’t done.  If I hadn’t already read the play for high school I would have been lost from the operatic version as well.  It didn’t even sound nice and I was always under the impression that opera was beautiful.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the professor will fume when he comes back about that because I’m sure he hadn’t wanted us to watch the useless operatic version. 

Grades were passed out for the worst class of the decade (Study Skills) and I must say I am happy with my mark. Finally I am not the top of the class in one of my courses!

And work got cut off short because the electricity went out and didn’t come back on so everyone had to leave after half an hour because the emergency (annoying) florecent lights died.  So I got the rest of the evening off and was able to relax a little bit.  You gotta love Jordan for somethings I must say…

To be continued…or not. *shrugs*


One Response to “More Shakespeare, School, and Work Arama”

  1. they totaly over use the word bored here.. its not even funny! but then again they dont have activities, but they dont really have anything to compare to so I’m not sure they know what being busy is!!

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