My Calling…



I have found my calling.  I must be really lucky to already know exactly what it is that I want to do with my life at eighteen years of age.  Today my Shakespeare professor and head of the department asked the class to attend a meeting where a foreign professor was to talk about himself and his experiences.  At first we had no clue what was going on because the professor had sent an assistant to tell us and all she said was to go to a specific lecture hall.  We had thought that the professor was changing our classroom or something.


            When we got there however, we figured it was some kind of meeting that the professors had set up.  At first I was pretty grumpy about it and told Amino that if the professor didn’t take attendance I was not going to sit in.  Usually their version meetings/discussions are lame.  But since we were already in and sitting we didn’t have a choice but to stay.  I had planned on completing some homework since I had expected it to be boring.


            I must say I was surprised to find that my homework was completely forgotten within the first five minutes of the lecture.  My Novel professor had set this meeting up so that the students can get to know this American professor better and to find out about what possibilities are out there for them.


            The American professor, Timothy Burrgon (sp?) took over within five minutes and began from the very beginning of his journey accompanied by a picture slid presentation.  He talked about how he had been serving in the Vietnam War and for some reason was asked to teach some Vietnamese English.  At the time he had a bachelor’s degree in English.  Little did he know that this would begin his career as an English teacher and then a professor.


            He had visited 85 countries (Jordan being his 85th).  And he had taught in most of those.  He talked passionately about the beauty of the places he’d gone to and gave us a little insight to the different people he met.  When one looks upon this professor they are instantly struck by him.  It’s hard to explain.  You just know that he had lived life to the fullest and had enjoyed every single moment of it.  He is what one would call successful.


            While listening to him I realized that that was exactly what I wanted to do.  I had always planned to teach but I had thought of teaching as something more of a hobby which I would indulge in after I retired.  I had originally been planning to become a full time editor for some publishing company and a part time writer.  But now I realize that I want to teach and I want to travel all over the world and make editing and my writing more a hobby than a career. 

            I told Amino that I definitely wanted to talk to him knowing full well that I probably would chicken out and not have the guts to approach him after class and ask him more about the programs in America that send said teachers all over the world.  In the last five minutes before the meeting ended we had the chance to ask a few questions.  Not many people wanted to ask anything.  I raised my hand determined to find out a few things.  I asked what he would advise one to do to be able to ‘follow in his footsteps’ (I didn’t phrase it that way but it was the same idea). 


            Since there wasn’t much time he answered with the assumption that I was a Jordanian student and therefore the information he provided was irrelevant to my case (of course to no fault of his). Therefore, in the end I decided that I was definitely going to talk to him.


            I did and I am so happy that I had mustered up the courage (and missed half an hour from the lecture I had after the meeting).  He gave me some invaluable information and I realized that this is definitely what I want to do; travel the world while teaching English.


4 Responses to “My Calling…”

  1. This is wonderful chocho!!! 🙂 Life is full of surprizes! hehehe..

  2. Kloude, this is great! Another great aspect of it that you don’t come away changed my the experience alone…you influence the lives of your students and expand their horizons while giving them a skill.

  3. sounds great! teaching in other cultural settings is extremely awesome and rewarding (I thought tutoring English in China would be hell, but it was terrific, especially the high school we visited). *Super big hugs* I’m so happy for you…must feel great, to finally know. 😛

  4. Congratulations! Knowing what you want to do is an amazing feeling. I wish you luck in getting where you want to go. 🙂

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