And I Met the Big Boss…

On Wednesday my colleagues at work were kind of giving me the update about everything concerning the return of the Big Boss (as I like to call him since to me his wife is the Boss) from the States.  They were trying to scare me even though they didn’t actually realize it.  I think it was more they were preparing themselves for the removal of all the ‘laziness’ they had gotten into while he was vacationing.

I think it bothered them that I really wasn’t moved by what they told me about the Big Boss.  I really don’t care as long as I do my job.  And if I do my job right why should I worry about them? 

So yesterday I come to work ten minutes early hoping that the Big Boss would not be anywhere near being over his jet lag and therefore not come to work the day after he gets back.  But he was there. 

He’s a short tiny guy.  I was expecting someone much bigger.  That was a surprise but he sure showed his authority around there.  It was funny however, seeing how my colleagues acted around him.  They were so nervous and dealt with it by acting like a couple of school girls giggling at every other word he said.  It was major pathetic.

Mostly I ignored him and talked to him only when he talked to me.  Turns out he has cameras all over the center and sits most of the time in his office making sure we are not ‘lazing’ about.  At first I thought it was really funny.  However, it became very annoying after just five minutes.  The phone kept ringing off the hook because he had to keep bugging us at what we were doing.

I made sure when my two colleagues left an hour later that they had left me a ton of stuff to do.  He didn’t once call me when I was alone and I kept myself busy so that he wouldn’t have anything to complain about.  As I was leaving he stopped me and said, ‘You did a good job today.’



3 Responses to “And I Met the Big Boss…”

  1. What?
    I dunno, if it was me I wouldn’t last there for a sec!

    He’s sick!

  2. Wow!! Thats good!

  3. Well duh your there for what! I dont get people.. even if he is not ther they should be doing their job.. hello.. Allah sees all!

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