End of Another Year

Yet another year is coming to an end.  Seems like time is unwilling to stop nor to speed up but go on drudgingly at its own pace not waiting for anyone or hurrying for anyone.  I can’t help but wonder and ask myself, ‘Did I do anything productive or worth while this year?’  And then I inevitably wonder, ‘Did anything interesting happen to me this year?’

I must say before I would just skim over the surface of these two questions and once they demanded my attention and were quickly quieted and pushed back I would forget them until the end of the following year.  However, this year it’s a bit different.  I ask myself those two questions now and the answer is so deep that I lose myself in them for a while thinking of all the things that happened and all the things I have done this year.

Man, this was one long and though interesting year I do look forward to the closing of this chapter and opening of a new one.  Before I dreaded the new year.  But that was because every year was the same as the last to me.  Now I look forward to next year and hope it is just as interesting and productive as this year (hopefully with less ‘bad’ occurrences as well).

Prepares to finish off writing the last few pages of this mighty long chapter and it’s about time too.

21 more days. Good bye 2006


3 Responses to “End of Another Year”

  1. OMG
    I am so proud of you, thats really a lot of strong possetive thinking, GREAT!!!
    oh and just some food for thoughts, how would you feel id suddenly all your great plans and expectations for next year goes down the drain?? it might happen you know 😀

  2. Life is so like that inst not even funny. Is this month 31 days? I am looking forward to next year too.. But this year was so eventfull MashaAllah.. Weddings. Turkey. Moving. School. the list could go on and on.. but you get the picture aready from you post.

  3. Salam, I was looking forward to what you would say about this year, and basically you said nothing! What is that. I thought the whole idea about a blog was to really expound about things. Where are your great ideas? Let’s hear more. Salam, Um Omar

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