Four Shockers…

Well to start off the day I was given a HUGE shocker in my first lecture of the day.  The professor was talking about the customs and cultures of the Middle East and somehow we started talking about what really happens as opposed to/or in accordance with the stereotypes.

I just found out about the stupidest and most mind numbing ‘occurence’ that happens in Jordan.  Now everyone knows what ‘honor killings’ are and the one thing that I hadn’t had  a clue (when I was living a sheltered life in the states) was how widespread it is in the Middle East.  However, that’s not the shocker I received today.  I found out today that if a girl is seeking asylum (or whatever) from her male relatives because they believe she had made them lose their honor and runs to the government for help, they extend their loving arms to her and throw her in JAIL! 

That is how they protect those poor women who (most of them) have done nothing wrong.  They get treated like the common criminal and thrown in prison as an act of protection because that’s the one place her male relatives wouldn’t be able to get to her.  And they treat her just like the common criminal as well while she is in prison.

I’ve been going nuts about this one tid bit of info all day. I just can’t understand how they can punish the innocent like this and let the guilty go free. ARGH.

Second shocker: I finished my classes and was going to the ‘base’ where I usually hang out whenever I have breaks and stuff and found a bunch of guys surrounding a security guard who was taking all their ids from them.  Hala a friend of mine whose friends with the guys was standing observing so I went up to her and asked her what was going on.  Turns out about three or four of the guys in the group don’t study at this university and so are not allowed to be inside of it.

And the guy who ‘invited’ them was going to be given a warning (get three and you are kicked out of the university).  Since when are normal people not allowed in the university? It’s just plain dumb.  And the thing is it’s quite obvious that the security guard wasn’t doing his ‘duty’.  He has had a grudge on this group for a long while now and has been giving them hell since I can remember.  Everyone at the university brings friends and stuff and no one says anything when they quite obviously know its happening.

The third and fourth shockers are more gruesome and not something I especially want to talk about in detail so I’ll just give a quick summary.  The first was about how this one girl was talking to me about her mother and what her mother did to get a miscarriage (mainly murder her baby just because she couldn’t stand it’s father) and stuff along that stream.  The other was about something similar that came up on Oprah. 

I just can’t understand why people have no more compassion anymore.  They are just so beyond me sometimes.  I just can’t understand the human race anymore.

And I must say that is just four too many shockers for me in one day.


7 Responses to “Four Shockers…”

  1. calm down, it’s normal..

  2. i can’t believe you are saying its normal! How can putting an innocent woman in jail just because thats the only way they know how to protect her…how can that be normal???

  3. Well said, Kloude! It’s not only cruel and unjust, but inhumane – and if that’s normal, it SHOULDN’T be!

  4. The problem is, a person is innocent until proven otherwise. So the law cannot jail the woman’s male relatives because someone “thinks” they will be committing murder.

  5. If they can’t imprison the male relatives because they’re “innocent”, then why do they imprison the woman, who is also “innocent”?

  6. thank you sam i agree with you fully

  7. Welcome to JJJOOORrrDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaan, oh did i forget Jordan..

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